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    I’m pretty much 2 weeks into the diet and struggling. I literally feel as if I’m starving and regardless of how many greens and coconut bread I consume, there is a constant  hunger. This diet is seriously depressing and I think the emotional stress may prove to counteract the health benefits. I also think that the low protein intake, lack of carbs and fats probably isn’t great for you. My weight is dropping dramatically and I can’t afford to lose too much. Any advice on foods that can stablise my weight beyond coconut oil and avocados?


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    Why are your proteins and fats low? You can eat lots of meat, eggs, fish etc for your protein. And lots of oils, avocado etc for your fats. You definitely shouldn’t be starving yourself – there are plenty of calorie-rich foods to eat!


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    Start making some of the breads or cookies or snacks.  The flax cookies I tried are very good and have all good ingredients:

    They are pretty filling.  Then get a nutri-bullet and start making veggie smoothies with things like kale, berries, celery, carrots, etc.  It’ll give your digestion a break allowing you to heal.

    This bread was pretty good:

    You just need more flour than they indicate in the recipe and its pretty time consuming to make but very nutritious!


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