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    I came into this whole “Candida Diet” thing after 5 years of sustained “Morbid Lethargy” or what I call “Explosive Torpitude”… Brain Fog deprived me of my career as a Software Developer, and I’m in deep from all the tests and Ignorant Doctors’ bills… So I get a test done which says I have 4x the Positive amount of fungus in my gut (Metametrix GiFX.) I’ve been trying to cut out Gluten but now I have to cut out Sugars, Starches, Dairy and Fermentables too?!

    Here’s me at the grocery store: ¬_¬ …. ⌐_⌐ …… ~_~ …… x_x

    Here’s me at the fridge: >_< *bang!* *bang!* *bang!*
    (closing fridge door on head)

    Basically, my brain fog and morbid fatigue are now combined with constant hunger, because I can’t figure out WHAT TO EAT with all these new restrictions!!!

    If this keeps up I may just pour some vinegar in a 16oz shaker with a cup of sugar, cornstarch and a sprinkle of wheat flour, and let that drink be the last thing I do…


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    Email able900 for the forum’s allowed food list. This has great suggestions. I would also contact him about food ideas.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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