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    Have many people skipped stage one and still being successful?


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    You’re going to have to specify what you mean by “stage one.”

    Do you mean the cleanse stage? Because yes, many people (myself included) opt to skip this stage and still see their condition get better (albeit a bit slower than if the cleanse had been conducted).

    Or do you mean “stage one” of the diet itself, the time period when you can’t (or more accurately “shouldn’t”) eat things like rice and beans? Because this is the core of the diet; if you skip this stage and simply follow the more lenient “stage two” diet (the one that does permit rice and beans and more meat and the like), you’re less likely to see improvement, as the candida can continue to survive on certain permitted in stage two foods.

    For the record, the typical naming convention on the forum is:

    Cleanse/stage zero: the cleanse stage (lasts only a few days to a week or so)
    Stage one: the core of the diet (usually lasts months)
    Stage two: transition to a more “normal” diet, allows foods not permitted in stage one. Usually started after at least 90% symptom reduction (lasts however long necessary in that particular case)


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    thats where i’ve been a tad lost

    i mean skip the cleanse and go to stage one, i thought the cleane was a week or two not a few days, might do the cleanse for two days while i’m off work and then start stage one.

    Thanks your post really helped me theres so much information to get my head around


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    I also did the diet without the cleanse; the cleanse is completely optional.


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