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    Hi Everyone,

    So I discovered I suffered from candida systemic infection about a month ago and decided to do something about it, that is when I found you. I am a first year medical student and I feel that the stress of this year combined with the lack of sleep and time to prepare healthy foods were my downfall. I frequently ate ramen noodles or hot pockets for days straight along with drinking very unhealthy amounts of caffeine and sugary drinks to stay awake. So now I pay the consequences of this unhealthy lifestyle.

    However I’m trying really hard to start from stage 1. I’ve started a couple of times now but failed. Due to the intensive coursework and need to focus, I keep finding myself needing FOOD to be able to perform at a relatively acceptable level. Drinking the broth and eating raw salads is not doing the job for me. So I have eliminated all breads and sweets from my diet trying to eat chicken and eggs and beef while taking a colon cleanser system. I have been trying to read some of the other posts but there is an overwhelming amount of information and I just dont have time to go through it all. Should I just modify my diet and wait until school is out to do the cleanse or what do you all suggest? I really have not seen any types of result with the colon cleanser, still constipated despite the change in diet. Should I start antifungals and probiotics now? Should I just try and do the cleanse less days? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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    Well, the cleanse is completely optional, so if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to do it. You can go ahead and go straight to the diet if you wanted, this will work very effectively in reducing candida’s numbers.

    Once you start the diet, you should experience “die-off” and this can be potentially very debilitating. You might want to consider waiting until school is done to start focusing on your health, because it could really set you back starting this diet.

    We developed a general plan to get better for most of the forum users, so you are welcome to check it out:

    and here is most of the important posts:



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    Thank you so much, I will go ahead and do that.


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    You could try and do it slowly, meaning do everything you can to avoid die-off and you might be fine. Make sure you don’t do this without being able to detox (molybdenum amino acid chelate, milk thistle, sauna, hot bath etc. – there is a post about it). Don’t jump into taking antifungals and probiotics etc. First gradually adjust your diet, then add probiotic and then sloooowly add antifungals. It may take you longer to recover this way, but you just might be able to function while doing what you need to recover. You can try and if you see that you can’t do it, just pull the plug and go one step back.

    Good luck!


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