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    I started stage 1 of the diet 5 days ago. The morning I started I did a spit test. My spit had legs. Not pleasant but a sign of yeast overgrowth it would seem. After only 5 days of detox I have lost 5lbs, my skin looks better already, my tongue looks the healthiest it’s looked in months and I feel less fatigued. As much as I would still love a cup of coffee and a biscuit, I have refrained from temptation. I tried the spit test again this morning in the vain hope I would see even just the tiniest of differences but alas, it still looked as bad. It would seem the yeast is still in me (maybe I was hoping for miracles expecting it to be gone already). How long does it take to get rid of this stuff? Does it differ from person to person? I’d hoped because I was starting to feel better that maybe it was dying off! For the first 4 days I felt pretty ill with headaches, nausea and dizziness (I’m also on antifungals from my doc) but today I don’t feel too bad. Slept better last night than I did for a few nights too. Anyone else tried the spit test on a regular basis to see what happens?

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