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    1 cup apple cider vinager
    1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper or to desired heat
    1 tea spoon of salt
    1 table spoon of Coconut Nectar. (this is a test item.) also to note, this does not have a strong coconut flavor but instead is more like a syrup which makes it a great substitute for molasses. Nice and sweet.

    Combine all ingredients and let sit for 4 hours.

    This is a base BBQ sauce I will use for chicken but you can add to it with garlic, ACV tabasco sauce or whatever you desire and apropriate for your stage of the diet.

    Here you can find coconut nectar at amazon. I found mine at the local grocery store.


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    Marbro it sounds yummy. However the Coconut Nectar that I have seen has 13 g of sugar. Since Candida lives off sugar I don’t think this is a good idea for a sauce until we are completely better. But great ideas for the future.


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    Spicy foods is also something people shouldn’t have on the diet; candida can live off of them and it causes leaky gut.

    Sugar even in a natural form such as honey or agave nectar isn’t recommended until you are completely healed from candida overgrowth.



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    As I mentioned in my home made tabasco recipe thread, I am not seeing any ill effects from eating hot peppers. My health continues to improve. As Raster has said, this may not be a good idea for most folks and if you do try it, then please test a small amount.

    For my BBQ recipe I use stiva for the sweetener, There are options. Also, I add EVOO to the sauce which I should have mentioned in the original recipe.

    My favorite is to take a cornish game hen, split it and then put it in a bag with my spice rub mix. I shake it well then toss it on my hot grill. Remember to oil the gill first:)

    Then I take my spicy BBQ sauce and brush it on when close to done. SOOO good.

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