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    Lora Jayne
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    I’ve been fighting this stupid candida now for 8 months. Although i’m doing better, i’m SICK of starving the candida. I’m craving honey and coconut sugar and other natural sweeteners. I eat very healthy and am paleo lifestyle. But i’m running into the dilema of craving potatoes and half and half and sugars! It sucks so much, and i have slipped up a lot. I did really good the first 2 months and completely starved the candida by eating ONLY veggies and meat. But i started to DESPISE eating that way! i got so sick of veggies and felt I was depriving myself. I slowly added in nuts and other things also because i realized i was lacking energy from intaking NO carbs what so ever… Plus it’s not really healthy to have NO carbs like that.

    Anyways, here I am 8 months later, with SO MANY up and down cycles and good and bad times with this disease. I had candida in the past so bad, when the doctors first discovered it, that i was BED RIDDEN. So if you compare it to then, i have come REALLY FAR! But lately i’ve just been really upset. First reason being, i’m getting married in 3 months and i’m still not completely well. because of stress it’s been easier to eat things i’m not supposed to, which makes me feel anxious, itchy skin, and all those other great side effects all of us candida-sufferers know of.

    I just don’t know what to do. It’s hard to have faith. And NO MATTER WHO I TALK TO I CAN’T BE CONSISTENT!! It frustrates me so much. I will do really well, and i will start to feel better, and then i will think to myself, “hmmm… guess it’s okay to have some honey here and there… oh, how about some half and half??” and before i know it, i’m having the stuff every day! things i’m not supposed to, every day…

    I don’t know what to do. My fiance is supportive and trying to understand, but i don’t want to complain to him anymore about the disease. any suggestions though on what to do? how do i help him to help me? i don’t have enough accountability. and since nobody knows this struggle that i know of, it’s easy for me to slip back into old ways.

    i’m just needing hope. really really bad. on the verge of crying right now.

    might i also add, i’m only 23. not trying to sound “woe is me” because i know i could have it worse. i could have cancer for crying out loud. but i honestly just am not strong right now. i need help for where i’m at, and candida alone is more than i, as an individual can stand.

    i really just don’t know what to do anymore. someone please help.

    i also have to get on birth controls soon because i don’t wanna get preggo, yet i know birth controls are super unhealthy and also contribute to candida. but i donk’t know what else to do…. i feel i need to be on them.

    any advice is appreciated.

    i really do eat healthy though. i NEVER eat gluten or wheat, i am dairy free except for occasionally having half and half. i take vitamins and garlic and coconut oil daily. i try my best even though it’s hard to keep up with it all.

    i thought about doing keifer?? does that help anyone????

    iv’e tried a bunch of diff pills and pro boitics and it just feels i’m going in circles.

    NOTHING IS ‘CURING’ me and it feels i will never be cured.


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    Well you might want to go a few routes. One route is you could go on the internet and get advice on supplements that will help you. However no one online is a naturopathic doctor that can give medical grade advice…or a medical plan.

    So you could then go to a naturopath or specialist doctors that know about yeast and how to treat it and have 20-30 years experience treating it as an alternative. This costs a few hundred per month on top of whatever the co-pay is or appt. costs. Many can treat remotely across regions or countries.

    You could also do more experimental treatments that I have listed here:

    And you should also consider testing. You might have something similar to yeast such as sibo, h.pylori, microbes, parasites, etc. If you get a definitive diagnosis then you could have a more appropriate plan potentially.

    As far as diet, maybe you should aim for a stage 2/3 diet and slightly indulge in good foods. They don’t have to be sugar laden, but maybe some fruit, coconut water, etc (healthy slight cheat item). You can also get creative with the diet if you know how to do it. For instance, explore ethnic foods from india, ethiopia, greece, iran, etc. There are some mexican foods that are not too bad for the diet. Chinese food is pretty close to being on the diet (just ask for no MSG and find a place that can do this).

    I personally cheat a few times per week/month and really enjoy it when I do, but then go strict most of the rest of the time.



    Vegan Catlady
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    I use coconut-creamer instead of half and half. And I called the company- its slightly antifungal 🙂

    I do carbs because I will kill someone if I dont. But I hear you, the journey is not quantifiable so it seems like there is no end. Your problem is MY problem- its not that we are “woe is me” because we both know things could be so much worse…BUT it feels unfair when you know you are eating healthy and this is still the result.

    I think you have alot of things going for you. You have to put your focus on the stuff that is working and not the stuff that isnt, because when you focus on the positive your stress level drops and candida hates that.
    Further more, give your glands some herbal support everyday (instead of subtracting from your diet,add to it)like licorice rt and siberian ginseng and this will improve your over-all reaction to stress,improving your immune system and possibly moving your recovery along.

    As I understood it, it takes an average infection 6-12 months to correct, and a bit longer if you have had it for a while. In the grand scheme of things, this isnt a long time (ha I can say this because im old)
    have faith that your body has the cellular intelligence to heal, and then intentionally support it by being kind to yourself in some small way every day.

    I used to reward my long crappy days with sugar. Not terrible, but if you have candida before you do that,it is terrible.
    Now I look for ways to reward myself that have more lasting comfort, and its made a difference.

    Hang in there! <3


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    Not sure how much hope I can give, I’m still struggling with candida myself, but I can say most of the physical symptoms I had are gone or have greatly improved, brain symptoms haven’t improved much yet though.

    Made a post a few days ago going over my past 5 months on the diet, the symptoms I had and the ones that improved:

    When I started the diet I did crave for sweet things and cheesy things, but I stuck to being strict, although I have really messed up before with the diet, thinking it was ok to have a little bit and this and a lil a that which was a slippery slope, had to start all over, but this time I had more experience with the diet. I was able to work better with it cause I knew what was ok and what gave me a reaction, and I learned how to make some new foods I hadn’t eaten before. I found Oat Bran with Stevia and Cinnamon sprinkled on top a great alternative to sugary things. Also I recommend you do the kefir thing, put some ground flax seed and green apple in there and it’s very yum, has helped me with constipation and hungry too I believe, like I use to get hungry too often. Cultured veggies would also be good to try.

    I think maybe you should try new foods that are on the diet. When I ate the same thing everyday I found it very hard not to cheat. Take carbs like oat bran, brown rice & black beans, buckwheat pancakes/coconut pancakes(I like buckwheat better), and I’ve also done this amaranth/millet soup which was good. Try new things.

    I’m 20. I’ve had candida for a bit over 4 years and it is just awful. It destroyed the life I had and caused me to be stuck. Never got a driver licence or a job. Dropped out. Can’t do school cause mentally I can’t function, can’t remember or concentrate. Memory loss is real severe to the point I don’t remember what kind of person I am, or my friends, they are like stranger that I know I know but can’t recall a single memory we had. I’ve become blank which has made a social life quite impossible. Candida is horrible for everyone. Don’t compare yourself to people who have it worse, just compare yourself now to how you were before and looked at your improvement. Doing that is what has helped motivate me a little bit at a time.


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    I’m also 23 and have been dealing with candida since I was about 17. I can relate a lot to what you’re saying, especially about feeling deprived and eating healthy for a few months, feeling better and then slipping back into bad eating habits, and then you start feeling sick again and the cycle continues. Its really hard, and I feel like I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it. My boyfriend tries to be supportive but he doesn’t quite get it.
    Do you find that it negatively affects your social life too? I find it really difficult when I’m trying to eat healthy and not drink alcohol, yet every single social event seems to include copious amounts of alcohol and unhealthy food.
    Anyway, if you ever need to vent, feel free to message me 🙂 Its nice to know there are other people my age who are struggling with the same things I am.


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    It’s been really nice to read this thread. I’ve just been walking around town wondering if I will ever beat this thing. Feeling rather alone in my suffering. This is really difficult, we are surrounded by food everyday that we can’t have. I find I get hungry every few hours so I always need to prepare food in advance. Sick of veggies and meat- I hear ya!

    Avocardo- the drinking alcohol thing is really tricky! God dammit. I could really do with a drink. If I am in an amazing mood (rarely due to Candida!) I can go out and just try to relax and not think about the fact i’m not drinking, if anything I put on a slight hyper act- sounds crazy I know but I find if I start acting silly and crack bad jokes I enjoy myself much more.. I also like to think of it that if I can have a fun evening without drinking, I am really benefitting more socially than those who drink, when you drink and socialise, you kind of turn into someone else and don’t remember the conversations the next day. If you can be sober, funny, and have fun well, that’s pretty good. However obviously there are days you don’t feel like this and they can suck!

    I think the best thing you can do is experiment with recipes, focus on what you can have instead of can’t. But yeah, i’d really love to meet someone who has had Candida for over 6 months and can now eat “normally”… It seems most people who have fully beaten it never had it that long to begin with… But I don’t lose hope. I think as more and more people suffer from this someone will come up with something that cracks it. Might be a while, but it will happen…

    It’s a shame we’re all so spread out, as we could totally meet up and have a Candida friendly dinner party :p


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    Kefir and other fermented foods will keep the candida in check in your body. What’s wrong with just only eating living things from now on? Ie., no artificial preservatives.

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