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    I was reading through a book called Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger and his clean gut diet is very similar to that on the candida diet.
    He just eliminates all dairy even yogurt.

    This is for the general diet.
    Here are some of the supplements he says to take:
    Saccharomyces Boulardi ( 5 billion organisms )
    Multiple Strain Probiotic (50 billion bacterial count )
    Digestive Enzyme (contains protease, amylase, lipase)
    Monolaurin ( Dissolves Bio Film )
    B Vitiamin Complex

    I happened upon this paragraph in the book as well

    ” I found three different types of parasites and a yeast overgrowth. I told her to continue the Clean Gut program (listed above) and put her on a round of nitazoxanide and flucanazole…. as well as worm wood, oregano oil, and walnut hull among others. I prescribed intestinal wall repair supplements such as aloe vera, colostrum, licorice root, and others as well as lactoferrin, serrapeptase, and nattokinase to dissolve the biofilms.”

    It took three months of this intense regiment minus the prescriptions, they lasted ten days, for her to get better. I was excited to read this after I myself had started trying lactoferrin upon reading it.

    I am going to do this program very strictly, and hopefully the results turn out good. Thought I would share this with you!

    Im pretty sure you can find this book at most book stores. It seems right on the money.

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