Soaked Quiona, brown rice, or buckwheat for breakfast?

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    On the weekends for a treat i like to have soaked brown rice with kefir milk and stevia for a treat. Its lovely and i always look forward to it, but im starting to believe brown rice isnt at all safe to have on the diet..soaked or not. Im not willing to take the risk.

    Sooo is there an alternative i can subsitute the rice with to have with my kefir milk on the weekends that is definatly safe?

    Quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, steel cut oats… any other sugestions? 🙂

    Thanks in advance!


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    Buckwheat is very safe and is similar in texture/flavor when compared to rice. I would go with this first if possible. I personally had problems with quinoa and after a few days of eating it, I had a bad reaction.

    If you were to have oats, I would go with oat bran because it is the healthy (non-gluten) part of the oat. Also, the same goes with rice bran.



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    It is nice to have something to look forward isn’t it?

    I sometimes eat a raw breakfast dish that I have enjoyed very much and have had no adverse reactions to it:
    Soak overnight quinoa flakes, sprouted buckwheat groats and chia seeds in unsweetened rice milk. Then before eating it in the morning, I add soaked almonds chopped, a few cocoa nibs and cinnamon and extra rice milk. It is very yummy and fills you up for a long time. Later on in the candida diet I started adding a few blueberries to the dish as well.

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