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    Hi all. I have posted here before and have been researching this diet for about two months now. I keep feeling like I am getting ready to start it and then not so sure. Below are some questions I have about the diet in general related to my situation.

    1) I have been vegan for about 4 months and have decided to drop that because I was losing weight and it did not seem to be helping my situation. I have also tried to gradually phase out many of the foods not accepted on this diet but not all. In the last month and a half to two months I have lost 15 pounds, down from 160 to 145…I can feel unstable when I walk like the muscles in my legs are just gone. They look skinnier too. So all this to say I do not plan on doing the cleanse part of this diet and want to know how much it would matter if I simply started out on the majority of the foods already allowed on the phase 1 part of the diet? This is a big question for me because even if the answer was that it would set me back by a few months but eventually I would reach the same result and it would just take longer that would be acceptable to me…however if the experts do not think that killing the candida and beginning to heal the leaky gut would occur by doing this then I am wondering if there is an alternative?

    I am very physically weak from whatever it is that has kept my thyroid and adrenals down for years and spend the majority of my time in a seated position, so exercising or even stretching is out of the question. It is therefore very easy for me to lose this weight and I really dont want to lose more than I already have. I feel I could hit the calorie markers each day if I could start straight off with the phase 1 diet foods and then just hold there for however long is necessary.

    Also, there is a lot of talk about “die-off symptoms” and “candida reactions” based on foods eaten or anti-fungals taken etc….Im just wondering what one would be looking for that would indicate this has happened? Most of the time I can eat pretty much any food and feel fine. No gut issues really to speak of, just a constant fatigued state where adrenals hurt if I try to even stand for more than a few minutes. I have been tested for all the hormonal stuff and virus’ and stuff and seem to have reactivated Epstein Barr virus and I can only presume I have Candida from my symptoms, which are white tongue, bad breath despite good oral hygiene, severe chronic fatigue, strong sweet cravings, hormonal and immune dysfunction and thats about it….so I am just going on a hunch that I have candida because so far nothing else fits. Can anyone help me make sense of this and know I am making a right decision? Thank you for you help


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    I don’t know if you have candida or not, but one way to tell is if you start the protocol/diet and experience die-off. You will know when the die-off hits, LOL. A lot of it is flu-like symptoms – for me, I get a scratchy throat, swollen glands in my neck, itchy eyes, itchy spots on my skin, body aches, nightmares, and constipation/bloating. However, there are ways to minimize that, such as taking molybdenum amino acid chelate. There are links to all of this information in the protocol (message Able500 for the strict diet/protocol link).

    I was vegan as well, but started eating eggs because I literally could not eat any plant protein by the time someone finally figured out I had candida. No gluten, soy, corn, beans, quinoa, etc… I wish I could stay vegan, but eggs have been such a savior for me, that I will continue on them until I get through this, then reevaluate.

    I didn’t quite do the cleanse…I actually started on something called the Body Ecology Diet, which is similar to the website diet on here, vs. the strict forum diet. When I found the strict diet, I did all veggies for maybe a week, then added back in buckwheat and have been slowly adding foods since.

    I dropped 15 pounds, but I’ve now stayed steady. Finally, after adding in a couple of foods and adding in a lot more coconut oil to my diet, I’m able to eat over 1000 calories a day (I was at like 800 with just veggies) and I’m feeling much better.

    Basically, the first 10-14 days of this ordeal just suck, then you get through it, and things start to improve slowly but surely from there. For reference of where I’m at, I’m on day 41 today.

    Also, the first thing that improved with me was my mental symptoms, so you get to look forward to that! 🙂 My digestion is still struggling though, unfortunately, but that takes a lot of time.

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