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    Hi, I am new to the forum.

    I have ibs with mostly constipation, and a very sensitive stomach. I have tried the low food maps diet, an elimination diet that is close to the candida diet, and the candida diet (I did not do the cleanse as I knew that would be to hard for me). Both times my blood pressure became very low, as did my blood sugar. On both diets I started vomiting on the second day and had to stop (vomiting and too low blood sugar/ blood pressure, head aches, shaking etc.) I eat six times a day, and I did eat some additional carbs like oatmeal porridge and potatoes and also carrots( they are ok on the food map diet)

    I dont know what to do. My blood pressure is naturally low, even though I drink a lot of water and take walks regularly. I have read on the forum about other people vomiting and feeling dizzy as a die-off reaction, but not so much about what to do about it except keeping up with the diet. Keeping the diet while vomiting and having such low blood pressure is not an option for me.

    Is there anyone who has made an easier transition from your previous eating habits towards the candida diet? Or should I start at the last phase and work my way backwards? I am not sure it is a die-off reaction or just a reaction from not eating enough carbs/ having low blood pressure. Those of you that got these symptoms, what did you do? How long did it take before they passed?


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    I have naturally low blood pressure, and it went even lower with the stress of candida overgrowth.

    My ND said it was my adrenals, that low blood pressure is always the adrenals, and that following a diet high in protein (eggs,dairy,meat) which is constipating will aggravate the candida.

    I do not follow the Candida Diet, but a varied version of it, and I take an adrenal formula now that in as little as 2 weeks is making a difference.

    Do some research on the connection between adrenals exhaustion and low blood pressure.

    My experience with dizziness and candida is only when I eat something high in sugar, or in the beginning when I had experienced severe die-off. Die off shouldnt be constant though. At some point your body should be able to handle the toxin elimination.

    If I were still experience dizziness, I would be doing lots of kidney and liver detox teas to get them filtering proper, and I would make sure I was eliminating through the bowels 2-3 times a day.

    *some antifungals lower blood pressure too, and this hasnt bothered me since being on a formula to repair them. Prior to that,5 drops of Olive Leaf (30 drops was the dosage) dropped my sugar pressure so low I thought I would die,lol. So I do not do Olive.

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