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    My situation: I started the diet/cleanse back in August. I lost my period very early on after starting the diet (I’ve lost 25 pounds as a result). I was doing well so both naturopaths, my gp, my obgyn, all said I needed to start eating more. So I have. But I’m not really gaining weight. I’m so tired of this fight. I did well for 5.5 months. I’ve now probably tipped the scale a bit as I’ve had a yeast infection. I don’t think I can go back to a severe diet. I just want to ensure I don’t undo any gains I’ve made! My main symptoms were recurrent yeast infections, UTI’s, brain fog and lack of concentration. This has been the case for over ten years!
    I did the cleanse. Took rotating anti-fungals. Pro-biotics. Vitamins, enzymes. A lot of different things. I had seen improvements for sure. I find it all overwhelming at times as there are so many different things people are taking and recommending and at different points in their treatment. I really want to simplify things.

    Currently I take FLORASTOR an OTC probiotic (it is more saccharomyces boulardii as this seems to help me). I eat coconut oil daily. I take vitamins. I try to remember to incorporate glutamine & plant digestive enzyme but it’s sporadic. I’ve taken so many different things. I don’t know what to stick with. I don’t take any proper anti-fungals anymore because I was advised I don’t need them anymore. I’ve used boric acid sporadically when I’ve needed to. I did a month long treatment using it. I don’t want to feel like all the work I’ve done will be undone now but I also felt the need to shift my focus to get back my menstruation. I’m taking vitex (chastetree) I’m 37 and would like to give myself a chance to conceive in the future. And the future is now! I would love to know how to proceed without necessarily taking steps back. Any advice??


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    I completely understand how you feel as I was in a similar situation to you. What I have found that has helped me enormously is making homemade milk kefir from live kefir grains. All you do is find some high quality kefir grains online and order them, then once they arrive, you put them in a clear glass Mason jar and add 8 oz. fresh organic pasteurized whole milk (preferably unhomogenized if you can find it). Then you Cover it loosely with a lid, leave it out on your kitchen counter away from heat or sunlight, come back in 24-48 hrs, and it’s ready to be consumed! You just need to take a plastic strainer (this is critical), strain the kefir from the grains, and then re-use the grains forever!!! I have done much research on the health benefits of homemade kefir and they cannot be denied. The amount of probiotic bacteria and friendly yeasts in homemade kefir far surpasses anything you could possibly buy in the store or in a probiotic capsule. We’re talking hundreds of billions to a few trillion bacteria and yeasts in a single 8 oz. serving! I have seen a huge improvement in my candida ever since I started having homemade kefir daily. The strains of bacteria and yeast in kefir have also been proven to be able to kill candida and other pathogenic microbes in the gut and recolonize the gut with friendly bacteria. I swear by this regiment and will continue doing this forever! Try it and I promise you won’t regret it!!!

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