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    I had thought that salt was not good to take so I’d been avoiding it. But I recently read a few people saying that Sea Salt is important to take as long as it’s good quality. I bought a great jar of Celtic Sea Salt, but I wonder how often I should use it and how much I should use? Should I sprinkle a bit on every meal, or just once a day?


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    Celtic Sea Salt is a good source of salt, because it is not refined which means that it is not deprived of its minerals. The best salt is Himalayan Salt.
    Salt is said to be bad, because it raises the blood pressure. Somehow they concluded that it’s bad for everyone and labelled it ‘evil’. Recent research shows that salt can be very beneficial because of the important minerals that are within salt. Notice that most of your body fluids (sweat, tears, urine, blood, …) are salty. I’m very sure that the ‘salt is bad’ theory will end up the same way as the ‘eggs is bad for your cholesterol’ theory.
    As long as your blood pressure is somewhat under control, you may eat as much salt as you want.

    Edit: A good explanation:

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