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    Wow… I meant well. Took the kid trick or treating and then had family and friends over to celebrate Halloween. I’ve been on “the diet” strict for 3 weeks now and blew it… Big time!!! 4 slices of pizza… After 4 or 5 vodka and diet cokes. Oh well I’ll live… Everybody if you screw up just come back harder! Any advice after an alcohol induced debacle like mine? Happy Halloween everyone!


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    You said it yourself, CM, all you can do is ‘come back’ and try harder next time. There will be plenty of times that you’re tempted to feed the Candida in the future, what you have to do is decide “beforehand” exactly what you intend to do, then literally be stubborn and stick with your decision.

    Remember, you’re the only thing standing between a Candida infestation and the cure.

    Good luck.


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    You just gotta learn from your mistakes and how you will feel if you do them, and tell yourself that you won’t do it again for a long period of time.


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