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    hey guys, do i need to rotate my veges on the strict diet? how often? eg. i cooked some soup lastnight with cabbage,onion,gren peppers,zuchinni,brussel sprouts,onion, heaps of garlic. is this ok to reheat for tea and or breakfast next couple of days? also os raw fresh coconut meat ok? i have just realised my coconut yogurt i have been eating daily has tapioca starch is it… maaaaan it was my only treat! thanks!!


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    U should just try to eat different veggies everyday but don’t really worry bout rotating just make sure ur not eating the same thing everyday for to long.

    U can reheat the soup, I try to always make meals where I have extra to reheat! Working and taking care of baby / house plus having to cook for myself and separate meals for hubby sumtimes , this is the only way I can do it! At least I know If I cook alot one day I don’t have 2 tomorrow!


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    I try to rotate some, but I wouldn’t survive without leftovers, so I don’t always succeed. Some things I just eat every day like broccoli and cabbage. If you don’t have allergies/leaky gut craziness, it’s probably not as big of a deal. If my leaky gut is being a shithead, I literally become allergic to any and every food, even veggies, so I have to be careful. :p

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