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    Even though I’m new, a real nice Candida expert said to me when I apologized in my post for posting too much, to post all you want as there is not enough posting.

    So, being my head runs in a lot of directions at once, I’ll try to bring it together on Candida research. Has anybody suggested finding the money to study Candida in ways that will make treating it much easier.
    Such as
    – Blood tests to clinically find out what exactly your flora balance is, which would set up a time frame for treatment. A small amount of antifungals might solve the problem. Everybodies heard of muscle testing, well when I was walking through a pastry shop and walked by a bag of yeast on a shelf about waist high, I could feel the energy of the yeast in the bad pushing on my body as I was slowly walking around that corner. That scarry moment told me my body was so full of yeast, the donut I was thinking about eating would probably kill me.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could discover an antifungal that could balance the yeast in our bodies by killing and moving the dead yeast out of the body by possibly a special colonic. Who knows the possibilities, I thought I would throw this out there to see if anybody knows of any research going on at the present. We are world wide here.


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    Dr. Mcoomb’s has stated that candida albicans has been highly studied and maybe almost as studied as cancer.

    There have been over 60,000 articles, research papers, etc. on candida and its interaction with the human body. This is about 1 article per day for the last 60 years. I am not completely certain on the specific numbers, but I am somewhat close.

    So there has been a ton of research about it and there will be in the future.


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