REAL Kebabs/Wraps, with Cilantro lime yogurt sauce!

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    Hi guys, this is an amazing recipe for everyone moving into protocols stage where you are allowed some oat bran or buckwheat. These wraps are:


    What makes up the wrap:

    1. Buckwheat tortilla
    2. Salad mix (whatever you like – raw onions, leeks, lettuce, spinach, spring onions etc.)
    3. Salmon/Chicken/Broccoli
    4. Cilantro Lime Yogurt sauce

    1. Buckwheat Tortillas:

    Simply mix buckwheat flour with water (can add salt)(Measure by own preference). Just try to get it thin, big and not to split. (3 wraps should be enough for 1 person)

    Note: I use gluten free buckwheat flour(quite light by looks), sticks together well. However I did encounter many buckwheat flours(darker in looks), which boil in the pan like mash( which won’t work at all), therefore look for ‘Doves’ buckwheat flour or experiment.

    2. Salad mix:

    Its all up to you what raw salad kind of foods you want to add. Good thing is that if you eat this often, you can moderate everything in order to keep killing candida.

    Slice up onions, leeks, lettuce, spring onions etc.. in tiny pieces – for better taste.

    3. Salmon/Chicken/Broccoli (Steamed – best!)

    When you have your Salmon/chicken steamed/boiled, pop it in a pan, with some coconut oil and season with cayenne pepper, paprika or salt. (to your spiciness preference)

    If you go for vegetarian or less die off option: Broccoli works best. Simply steam it/boil. Then slice it up/or crush it in a pan, with some extra virgin olive oil and some salt (Himalayan preferred).

    Note: Don’t cook broccoli in a pan, it will lose its vitamins. Just maintain heat at low temperature.

    4. Cilantro Lime Yogurt sauce

    For the sauce, its best to use Greek style yogurt, which is not too liquidy. I use ‘Total’ greek style, yogurt.

    Get a big bowl, and put the yogurt(500g-1kg) in. Squeeze in a lime/lemon/or both. Add couple of teaspoons of ground coriander. Then add few tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil.

    Note: You can also pop in a teaspoon of ACV.

    *Optional (Garlic paste, ACV mustard):

    To fine the taste, spread some garlic paste on tortilla. It is critical, that you find one with ALLOWED INGREDIENTS for the protocol; or make it yourself, by simply mashing garlic cloves and mixing with EVO oil and salt. (will increase the die off)

    For the amounts, you have to imagine that not much goes into the tortilla, therefore, for yourself, you will only need like 1 broccoli/chicken breast/salmon fillet, onion/leek/lettuce. And use a lot of sauce, cause its tasty!

    Enjoy the worlds healthiest kebabs!!


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