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    Hi all
    I went and had my yearly pap the other day and the doc was really interested in the diet. I’ve been strictly following it for 2 1/2 months now. I think his interest was sparked by the fact that I stopped menstrating when I was a teenager (20 years ago and also soon after taking a year of antibiotics for a skin problem) and miraculously I had a period last month. So the doc wants to do some blood work. Great! But he doesn’t know much about this area ( hes a gyno at a clinic) and I feel like its up to me to figure out what tests to do. Any ideas my knowledgable friends? So far on my list is CBC with auto diff, complete metabolic panel, lipid panel and TSH reflexive. Hope that means something to you. Also there is a few candida tests and I thought I would get one although I understand the testing isn’t always accurate. But do I choose the test for antibodies or antigens or the antigen/ antibodies profile.
    So my main desire in doing the blood work is to make sure I’m not harming myself or overlooking an area of my health. So any ideas or experiences that you guys could share are much appriciated.

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