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    About 4 weeks ago,

    I started walking 30 minutes a day for 5 days. By the 3rd week, I started itching and the next day I started getting hives all over my body. I took benadryl which seemed to have cleared it up. By the following Monday I had swollen lips and more hives. I went to my pcp, who prescribed me prednisone and allegra. The sympyoms went away but returned with a vengence. I saw an allergist who then prescribed me renetadine and allegra, this seemed to have helped. My blood work came back fine. I started my own regimen of olive leaf extract (30 drops) three times a day. I aslo drank Braggs ACV in half cup of water with baking soda. I also drank castor oil for a colon cleanse. It has been 3 weeks and I am confused. I went to the nutritionsit who got me started on the candida diet. I have been eating only veggies and meats, absolutely no sugar. She also gave me Aquaflora Candida 9 to take twice a day on an empty stomach. I was doing fine until today. I took the aquaflora/ vitamin c (1000mg) Raw womens multivitamin and a enzyme probiotic complex vitamin. I also took Quercetin complex with Esther-C Plus for the hives. It said to take two pills 2x a day and I only took one. I just feel like I am taking to many products. Oh, I am continuing my regimen of olive leaf extract 2x day. I spoke to the nutrinist who advised me that taking all of these are good. But with the itching and the hives I had tonight. I am wondering if the die-off phase has started. I only started yesterday with the diet and the aquaflora candida 9. But a week and half ago I started the olive leaf extract. Plus I was taking the renitadine and allegra up till yesterday. Please help. I did not take them today. I would like to take the natural antihistamine, but is the good with the aquaflora candida 9 and the enzyme probiotic complex. Thanks Jacqie


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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    It definitely sounds like your nutritionist believes you have Candida.

    Aquaflora Candida 9 is a homeopathic medicine, so if it works it will be very slow to take effect, which is the major problem with homeopathic medicines, especially with Candida which normally causes suffering to anyone with the infestation. Also, using this type of medicine will often cause the symptoms to worsen for a while. After all, as a homeopathic medicine it actually contains Candida Albicans.

    Itching and hives are not normal symptoms of die-off, these sound more like the Candida symptoms than anything else. Something to look for; after a major die-off experience the person normally feels better than worse.

    Although it doesn’t hurt, olive leaf extract isn’t one of the strongest antifungals against Candida. One way to see that is to compare the dosage. For example, an average olive leaf liquid extract container suggests 30 to 42 drops twice a day. Whereas the dosage for oil of oregano is 2 to 3 drops 3 times a day of the diluted extracts. As you can see, there’s a huge difference.

    For what purpose are you taking the baking soda?

    Look at the ingredients of the Ranitidine and see if it contains aspartame, which it often does, this is a sugar alcohol which will feed the Candida and keep it alive and thriving. It’s also dangerous to the general health of humans.

    It would be interesting to see what the ingredients are in the women’s multivitamin you’re taking as well as the enzyme probiotic complex.

    Quercetin is an antioxidant found naturally in onions and leeks; I see no problem with taking it.



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    Thanks Able for your prompt response,

    Well last night I had the worst night of hives and itchy hands and a swollen face. I ended up taking an allegra which helped some. I actually went to a medspa to get a dose of vitamins in my system and praise the Lord it seems to have helped. I know my immune system needed to be boosted to continue to fight. I did drink the aquaflora this morning, but I am contemplating taking it tonight based on your comments. I will continue to candida diet for the next three weeks and then move to the next stage of the diet. do I have to take the aquaflora if I am on the diet plan. I have already done a detox cleanse with castor oil and the olive leaf extract.

    The multivitamin is the prenatal RAW womens vitamins, which I was taking up untail I ordered Fertailaid and started taking the pills three times a day for the month of May beginning June when this started, so I stopped the Fertailaid. This was to help me concieve, but I really think my system was allergic to something in the supplement. The Women prenatal multivitamin, I only took once a day with vitamin E and a probiotic. The Fertailaid like I stated earlier I took a pill three times a day and when I actually looked at the label after the fact I saw it had a high content of iodine.

    My hives are clearing up thank God. I will not take anything and just stick to the diet for now, it is all natural anyways. The probiotic the store gave me was from American Health Dual action enzyme probiotic complex.

    My question is should I just skip the aquaflora and just continue with the diet and then in the 4th week I will do the organic extract? I really think my immune system is fighting something. Thanks

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