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    Reviewing my stool test, I do have a dysbiotic flora. Yeast were moderate, I have 1+ Alpha hemolytic strep 2+ Proteus mirablis and 1+ Klebsiella oxycota. For beneficial bacteria, I have NO GROWTH of lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, and bactericides fraggillis group. I have 3+ e.coli (good kind) and 4+ clostridium and finally 2+ enteroccous group.
    My GI doctor gave me an antibiotic that is NOT FUNCTIONING at antibiotic level, the purpose of it is to empty my stomach faster (my stomach is slownatndigesting after a gastric emptying scan) and LACTULOSE- to keep my bowels moving (hasn’t worked and I have been doing coffee enemas 1 a day) I’m also having vitamin C, magnesium, nystatin and diflucan and probiotics.

    With this information, I’ve heard lactolose is safe with candida, but is it safe with the bad bacteria in my gut? Also, the antiobiotic, even though it’s functioning at a low grade… Is it still only hurting me? And final question–I feel amazing. Best I’ve felt in awhile. Does that mean the bad bacteria are getting fed? Or would I be feeling worse if the bad bacteria were getting fed.


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    You are going to have to consult a health professional for these types of questions because no one here can give you this kind of advice.


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