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    I have a weird question and I don’t really know how to delicately phrase this but…

    when you “eliminate” a significant amount of waste at one time, do you ever feel extra strange afterwards? I have had this situation for awhile, maybe noticed it a year or so ago, but sometimes my body has what I call the “Everything Must GO Sale!” where one day, I have some kind of release and poop A LOT. Like how-did-all-that-fit-inside-me?! a lot.

    On these days, after I go, I feel drained, even though there’s no strain involved in the movements. I will get fatigued and sometimes get the start of a migraine, like die-off symptoms, and even get cranky, and it can last for a couple of hours. I also can get a little sad, like I lost something, almost. I call it my poop post-partum :p

    Does anyone else experience this? Does anyone know what this is all about? It’s kind of the same feeling that I get after a good colonic as well.

    It also often accompanies a metaphorical release of something, too. Like I had this happen today, and yesterday my friend and I had a big talk about how I needed to let some things go. Then today, I wake up, poop galore, feel crappy most of the day, and now that I’ve “recovered”, I feel like a new man, and like a weight has been taken off of me. Totally weird. Mind/body connection, y’all.


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    Hello, Alex. I’m afraid I can’t explain why you experience the symptoms you’ve described, but stemming from the descriptions you’ve given, my money is on the mind/body connection.

    What I wanted to point out to you is, after you experience these heavy elimination periods, you should take extra amounts of probiotics; the exact amount would depend on what the count of your capsules are and how much you normally take. It wouldn’t hurt to also drink a lot of extra kefir on those days. This should all be done in order to replace the beneficial bacteria that is eliminated during these periods.



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    I have the opposite happen occasionally, where after a really quality movement I’ll suddenly be slightly giddy and super jazzed on life for no particular reason.


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    Thanks for the tip on the probiotics. I was actually wondering about that.

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