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    I ordered Innate Response on, and requested it shipped in an ice pack, but that didn’t happen. It was delivered hot, but I put it in my fridge immediately. I’ve been taking them daily, are they still good? How many do I take a day?

    Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe are my only options in my city to get the probiotics in person.

    Does this option work at Whole Foods? DDS-100 Acidophilus, 5 Billion CFU or Probioplus DDS, 10 Billion CFU.

    Any tips on where online I can find COLD probiotics like MegaFlora by MegaFood, Innate Response Flora 20-14, or 100% Whole Food Probiotic 60 Vcaps (with DDS-1)?


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    I would check out because they definitely ship with ice. I’ve heard that people have had trouble with for ice shipping and I think its because they can’t charge extra easily for this feature.

    It likely didn’t lose too much of its potency…it turns a bit more brown when some of the cultures die.


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