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    Ms T
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    Hello, again.

    I have a few questions and apologize in advance for the length and if these have been covered already. I have been poking around on the forum almost daily trying to educate myself and haven’t seen these addressed although I am sure they have been.

    Thanks so much for all the time that the forum moderators and experts put into this. It is a wonderful resource, one I wish I had found sooner.

    Here is what I am wondering about:

    1.Can probiotics and anti-fungals be taken together. The main site suggests that beneficial flora will help crowd out Candida. I have read elsewhere that one should wait to take the probiotics after the course of antifungals is complete because the antifungals kill even the good bacteria.

    But don’t antifungals kill fungus, not bacteria? Is there a danger to taking antifungals and probiotics together or is the thought that it’s just a waste of money (spent on the probiotics)?

    I ask because the only days when I poop (and I am thankful to have even pellet poops right now) are the days when I take the probiotics.

    2. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether colon hydrotherapy is beneficial/detrimental/other to this healing process?

    3. Are there tell-tale signs that the Candida is developing resistance to the antifungals?

    In another post, I wrote that I had not followed the protocol here because I didn’t find this site until after I’d started developing die-off symptoms. I went quite fast and hard with the antifungals right out of the gate and die-off was severe, so I had to back off on the antifungals. I am worried that starting strong and backing off may have given the Candida room to mutate and resist.

    That said, I am not having substantial sugar cravings (one of my previous problems) or I can control them, have managed to stay on the diet with the exception of coffee, pretty well.

    4. Is it okay to take Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in gel caps? I can conveniently carry these with me in my purse. The brand I have is Source Naturals and it is gluten, yeast, wheat, free, extra virgin.

    5. Is there any benefit/detriment to juicing green vegetables and ingesting them that way? I find it hard to drink a pure green drink so I do add a small bit of orange to it, but I find that juicing allows me to get more veggies in and keeps the cellulose out. I realize that I might poop better if I stuck solely to the unjuiced greens, however, doesn’t Candida feed on the cellulose which sits in your gut waiting to digest?

    6. Can you take antifungals indefinitely? I know the answer is probably “yes” to coconut oil, but there was a time in my life when I took Caparylic acid daily along with enzymes and probiotics, and I was quite healthy.

    Thanks again for all the great information. I very much appreciate any assistance anyone can provide with my extensive list of questions.



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    To answer your questions:

    1. Yes they can be taken together. I take probiotics and antifungals together and still have managed to get better. It is best to take them at seperate times but it works both ways. Antifungals kill both good and bad bacteria, yeast, and fungus. Do not worry about wasting money because you need both of them.

    You should notice improved BM’s after taking antifungals as well.

    2. Me and able feel that hydrotherapy is detrimental to the healing process because it destroys some of the beneficial bacteria in the gut. You can clear out the colon via other natural methods such as improving digestion, chewing your food more, increasing trace minerals, and more.

    3. You will notice that candida is adapting to the antifungals when you experience little or no die-off after taking a dose of antifungals. You will also notice that you are not improving or healing as quickly as before when it adapts. We suggest that you rotate between 3-4 or more kinds of antifungals throughout your treatment so candida cannot adapt to them easily. It is not recommended that you take more varieties than this because you do not want candida to gain immunity to everything.–Why-we-SHOULDNT-do-it.aspx

    You should quit coffee if possible because not only does it drain your adrenals or your long term energy needed to heal, but it also damages your kidney and liver which are needed to detox the body from toxins. You are adding an additional tax on the body so it won’t heal as well as possible. Chamomile tea is a great alternative because it is antifungal, gives you energy if you steep it longer than 8 mins (I drink 2 cups), and aids digestion.

    4. It’s fine but it might not be as cheap as taking it from a container.

    5. Juicing helps heal your gut because it gives your gut a break from digestion. I would only be concerned about sugar content and would avoid things like carrots and fruit in high quantities.

    6. Yes you can. I’ve taken antifungals for over a year now and it has had no drawback for me. You should not take caprylic acid for more than 6-8 weeks at a time per Dr. Mcoomb’s because candida will adapt to it. It cannot adapt to natural antifungals such as garlic, coconut oil, etc. very easily.

    I highly recommend trying out SF722 undeceonoic acid when you get a chance, it is a great long term antifungal and is a cornerstone of my and anyone’s treatment.



    Ms T
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    Thanks so much for your patient and informative reply, raster. I know I asked a lot of questions.

    Regarding your response to #3, you state that I will know I am developing resistance when I experience little or no die-off symptoms. It’s hard for me to tell whether my die-off symptoms have subsided because I had to back off on antifungals (started out too strong) or because the Candida is developing resistance. I am still experiencing some flu-like symptoms, but not nearly as bad as before.

    I had been coughing up dark yellow phlegm (excuse the detail) and coughing a lot, and both those things have subsided significantly but not completely. Should I assume that’s still die off, then? I don’t know how to tell.

    Also, I didn’t have (or wasn’t diagnosed with) IBS, or another serious illness before I started this process, so I can’t even measure my healing in a quantitative way.

    I started this diet and antifungal regimen because I had chronic BV despite trying everything, and doctors just weren’t helping. Those symptoms have subsided somewhat (also due to my simultaneous use of a product called FloraFemme, I believe). I also had fatigue, brain fog, and intense sugar cravings. And all those things have also subsided. I have also been able to resume my workouts.

    I think this means I am on the right track. I guess I am just worried because I didn’t start off following the protocol as recommended, and I did go VERY strong on the antifungals right out of the gate.

    And, yes, I am tapering off coffee. It’s making me sick. And I have SF722 waiting in my Cart on Amazon. Just spacing out my purchases a bit.

    Thank you again for your time and support.


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