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    Hello. I think I already did a similar question. But the question is. For over 3 months I eat a candida diet. Eggs, meat, vegetables, tea and water. Yes my digestion improved but is not perfect. I know potatoes aren´t the best thing for the gut but isn´t the worst thing. Eggs are also bad for gut if we gonna see. Eggs don´t have sugar that´s right but they are difficult digestion. I would like to add 2 or 3 small potatoes in the morning. I´m tired of eating the sames things and I want trow up just of thinking in eggs and meat. Make me nauseous. Of course I´ll still eggs but for example in the morning instead of eating 4 eggs and spinach I would like to eat 2 small potatoes with 1 eggs and spinach. I know potatoes are starch and It should be avoided. But in the next years will be the only thing that I´ll add to my diet. potatoes is the only think that I really crave. I´ll never eat fruits, alcohol, milk and etc. Can you give me some advices about adding potatoes to my diet?


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    Try out rutabega as a potato replacement. It is highly antifungal and shouldn’t cause candida populations to fluorish like potatoes do. You can do everything the same with rutabega when compared to potatoes, mash it, fry it, boil it, etc. Rutabega hashbrowns don’t come out good though.


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