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    Hi, some of you may remember me. I suffered from very severe candida a little over a year ago and now I’m dealing with the after effects and systemic damage/imbalance. I’m posting because I want to detox and repair but I am facing some challenges in that process.

    First let me break down the remainder of my symptoms:
    severe foot/toe nail fungus
    urinary tract pain/burning, testicular pain
    skin eruptions (both dry, itchy, and scaly, and moist and stinging)
    high level of tiredness
    memory and focus problems
    chest pain, blockage and drainage in chest
    arm and hand pain especially when straining (eg: playing guitar)
    out of breath, heavy chested and fatigued easily by low level of excercise
    bad seasonal allergies
    upset stomach when eating foods that used to trigger candida reactions (nowhere near as bad)
    loose stools
    blood rushes and dizziness especially when rising from sitting or laying
    general feeling of being run down and ill

    There could be more but I can’t remember it all right now. As I’m writing this I’m realizing how grateful I am that I was put into remission by a simple course of nystatin and things aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be. I know it’s still there to some extent and I don’t want it to ever come back the way it did, so that’s why I’m looking for help.

    My liver definitely took the most damage, I put my body into a year of die off/feeding to the point where I wouldn’t react to antifungals or probiotics anymore. I’ve done liver flushes and cleanses and I get a lot of action in my chest when I do anything like that. So my liver is the biggest thing I want to focus on. The problem is that I developed a neurological disease towards the end of my fight with candida, and the drug I use to control it is metabolized through cytochrome P450 isoenzyme 3A4. Milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, acetyl l cartenine, and most other liver cleansers interfere with this pathway so I’ve found no way of cleansing and healing my liver without stripping the drug from my system. Does anybody know an effective way of cleansing without interfering with my prescription? I know it’s a question for a doctor, but I’ve seen many and none have been able to help.

    I guess what I’m looking for is some kind of outline to work from to get a full regimen going to heal from everything. The issues that need to be addressed are skin, diet, urinary tract, detox pathways/liver, digestion/gut flora, immune system, and endocrine balance (My thyroid was underactive for a while and my naturopath suspected adrenal fatigue also, thyroid recovered, adrenals uncertain. This is probably the least important unless I truly have adrenal fatigue.).

    I know it’s a lot to ask to have recommendations on so much with such a small toolbox due to the issue of my psych medication, but I’m very tired of the trial and error and accidental stripping of my antipsychotic. Right now all I’m on is reishi mushrooms for detox, a multivitamin and omega-3 for its range of benefits. The other stuff I have in mind is chlorella, cell food, lemon water, and acv, all of which don’t interact with my drug. What combination of this stuff and what else should I do for proper detox/liver regeneration?

    If anybody has any input on any of this or can help me get together some kind of plan I’d be very grateful. I’ve put it on the back burner too long and I need to get better so I can enjoy life more fully. Once I have a plan I’ll stick to it and modify as neccesary, but it’s hard to get to a start alone. Hopefully able or raster will chime in on this. How are you guys anyways? Hoping this will get me somewhere.



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    I’d consider sweating out the toxins (sauna, hot tub, etc) or try out acupuncture…

    To help with your mental health, I would try out flax oil with lignens unless its a problematic supplement.



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    Dave, we share a good chunk of remaining symtomology. Clearing up the candida infection for me left chronic fatigue/anxiety/brain fog/skin issues. I hate to say this, but I think for me, the candida was just a symptom, not the source problem. I’m now reading heavily at I don’t want to be a chronic fatigue sufferer, but the symptomology is there — exercise resistence, post exertional malaise, brain fog, and others.

    I did realize that I had an infection of a root canaled tooth after googling my fatigue/brain fog symptoms and finding a number of stories of people who had the teeth removed and the infection ground out of the bone and recovered. I’m hoping this makes a big difference for me, if not the whole difference. I get the tooth extracted on Tuesday.

    (For background, I had a root canal about 19 years ago. Some time ago — months? a year or two? — I noticed the tooth being sensitive to cold and heat again. It would flare and get better, flare and get better. I was busy with candida battle and then a skin cancer I had to have removed so I didn’t attend to it. The sensitivity also ranged back and forth among the surrounding teeth so I didn’t understand what was happening. A regular xray won’t show the infection most times but I asked my hygenist to double check and when she did a second tour of the tooth with that nasty pokey metal instrument, she did find a deep pocket, the only one in my mouth, and the dentist sent me to an endodontist for a CT scan, which did confirm extensive bone infection, and cost $450. You could skip that I think if you have sensitivity in a root canaled tooth and gum pockets around it. That’s pretty confirmational, I think.)

    I feel like I’m constantly peeling layers of an onion and chronic fatigue is *not* a layer I wanted to get to. My doctor flat out told me he doesn’t try to treat it because it’s a black hole — the causes aren’t understood, no treatments are widely successful (though some are successful in a few people and some improve a larger number of people’s energy levels somewhat) and he feels its a waste of time or energy.

    One promising avenue of research is methylation support. There are members of this board, who I’m not sure are posting anymore, who know a lot about this and are pursuing it for their own health. I’m actually too tired right now to go into great detail but you can find info at phoenix rising and you are welcomed to contact me there. They have forums and I think my name there is Sueami.

    Good luck,

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