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    About two years ago I started on a very low carb diet. To curb my sweet tooth I ate half or more of a whole watermelon daily. My health steadily declined with fatigue, heartburn, palpitations, muscle pain, dizziness, and food sensitivities especially to milk. My symptoms seem to improve when I eliminated sugar but lately my sugar cravings have been extreme to the point I get dizzy and weak. I also just found out I have a magnesium deficiency. Could fructose really be the root of my digestive issues? Also could magnesium deficiency cause gut issues or is it the other way around? I really want advice as my symptoms could be caused by many things including candidas and fructose intolerance. Sometimes my reflux is so bad I feel my nose and ears burning. Thanks everyone. Regardless of what I have I believe magnesium supplements and cutting out ALL sugar including fructose will help me.

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