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    Hello, thank you for reading this, any information would be really great as i’m really begining to wonder if i’m doing this all wrong.

    i’ve been suffering with many of the symptoms of candida for years, but my GP never saw them as that so they always went untreated and i just put up with them, about 5 years a go i was diagnosed with thrush and had to take the treatment for that 2-3 times, which did seem to cure the problem as it removed all the external signs.

    but i’ve been suffering with other little niggly things ever since and never really knew what it could be, and have only realised its most likely candida since stumbling across this site.

    i’ve had lots of dull head aches, on and off UTI’s, weight loss, constant red eyes that are itchy, more recently dry skin, my hair seems to be thinner and i’ve been feeling tired more and struggling to excercise, and also the white covering on my tongue.

    i’ve been doing the cleanse now for a day an a half, but have been taking garlic and ginger for 3 days, aswell as taking oil of oregano and probiotics for the first two days as i got confused advice from another site.
    last day and a half has been done exactly according to the 3 day cleanse but to be honest, i havent eaten anything at all today, other then the antifungles and water for fear of feeding the candida.

    i’m sorry to have waffled on so much, but its kind of scary and im not sure im doing things right as i’m not experiancing the dreaded candida die-off symptoms yet, i had one day where i had a prolonged strong headache for a few hours but thats been it, other then that i’m just feeling really hungry and tired due to lack of food, have i possibly mis-diagnosed myself or will it just take a few days for the affects to kind in?

    many many thanks for any advice, and sorry for being a bit useless, but i’m really struggling to find what the best advice is for fighting this thing.


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    Hello Steve,

    Not everyone experiences die-off; if your kidneys and liver are in good shape, you won’t experience any die-off symptoms (flu like symptoms).

    I would eat food asap because you definitely need to eat to survive. We have a strict forum foods list that many forum members follow; if you are interested in a link to it, email able900.

    The headache is a die-off symptom BTW, so it sounds like you experienced some.

    You could have something similar to candida such as h.pylori, SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth), or parasites, but the white tongue is an indication of poor health and oral thrush.



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    hey thanks for the reply,

    i think i’ve just been worrying about it too much for one thing, but its difficult not to when you have to carfeully plan meals and things, i’m going to move onto the
    phase 2 food list and just keep taking a high level of anti fungles and probiotics, i guess different things work for different people.

    any suggestions for things that may help would be fantistic tho.

    many thanks once again

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