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    Hi everyone. I started the candida diet because I had problems losing weight no matter what I did, I also had rashes and the occasional yeast infection. I stayed on the cleanse for about 3 weeks then moved to the next stage. I didn’t add grains however because I’ve heard great things about the paleo diet and thought I would do the candida diet but eliminate the grains. The last 2 weeks I’ve had nothing but health issues. First of all there is the rash on the back of my neck and other places that tend to get moist. My doctor doesn’t think it is a candida rash though. Also the follicles of my hair seem to be infected. Like ingrown hairs. Finally, I’ve had severe gallstone attacks…was just diagnosed. I’ve lost a lot a weight in about 6 weeks (close to 30 lbs!!) so the gallstones may have formed because of it. My urine is also orange.

    I guess I wanted some opinions on if you think I should go off the diet and try again later or endure this? Now I seem to have an intolerance to fatty food so this limits my diet even more.

    I’m miserable and in pain, the last few weeks have been hell. Any comments or encouragement?


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    I would be very concerned about your liver and kidneys if you have orange urine; I would get this checked out ASAP. Are you drinking plenty of water?

    The rash occurs because your body is not detoxing normally through the other processes. The body detoxes via the skin, via the bowels, and via the lungs. If one of the other processes doesn’t work, you will detox via a different method.

    What is your diet like?

    I’ve gained 30 pounds on the diet after losing 15 pounds initially. Once you increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the gut, you will gain greater absorption surface area for your body to process nutrients.



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    I have a fatty liver as well. I’ve talked to the doctor about the urine and she didn’t say much, it is not dehydration as I drink enough water. Mostly I have been following the candida diet strictly except the grains. I eat a lot of blended vegetable soup, garlic, peppermint tea, some yogurt, some eggs, salads. I am finding it bland but I don’t mind if it’s for my health. I haven’t cheated much. Now I’m wondering if I should even stay on it because I was pretty much healthy before I started (slightly overweight but healthy). The gallstones are terribly painful and these rashes are driving me nuts.


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    Getting healthy,

    You should ABSOLUTELY stay on the diet. That’s die off, toxins coming out of your body. You will feel worse before you feel better when detoxing.

    As for the skin rash, I get those too. Dry brushing helps tremendously, it seems to push the fast forward button for your lymph system to get rid of toxins.

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