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    Hello all,

    I mentioned in my previous post that i have been having huge sugar cravings since switching from antifungals to boulardii. It’s gotten really bad to the point that over the last few days I have been stuffing my face with sugar. Literally huge amounts of it. It’s pretty much gotten progressively worst and worst during the last few days.

    My symptoms after consumption are flatulence and bloating but haven’t felt physically ill yet and I hope it does not come to that. I absolutely do not want to undo all the hard work that I have put in and I know that if my candida should become severe all over again that it would be more difficult to get rid of it, second time around. I don’t know how much damage I have done by consuming the junk/sugar for the past week but I’m hoping you guys can help me/guide me on how to get back on track.

    I saw raster’s post that he thought cheating once in a while was ok on the diet and I now understand why! I hardly cheated at all and I guess this is why I am struggling to stop binging now. It’s like I don’t have control over my body and it’s really upsetting as I’ve tried so so hard to get better this year.

    What should I do now? Should I stop Boulardii and go back on antifungals to hopefully counteract the damage? I’m taking 20 bill boulardii + around 215 bill probiotics and previously was taking 2 tbsp coconut oil daily + 8 x SF722 (as maintenance) + 300 bill probiotics.

    thanks to everyone in advance!


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    I’d consider eating fruit instead of sugar…sugar is pretty bad imho.



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    Try baking things with stevia, drinking lemon water, and if you really feel like you need sugar, try granny smith apples and all sorts of berries. Make sure you eat the fruit on an empty stomach or it will not digest right.

    Intead of cheating with sugar next time try more carbs instead. Maybe brown rice or something like that.

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