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    eing new to this site I’m not sure if anyone has talked or tried to figure out this cyst called a Pilondial Cyst yet, but for Candida sufferers this is very interesting, and could lead to a discovery of a common way for the body to expel yeast overgrowth.

    I got this large ingrown pimple, (excuse the bluntness) just above the crack of the buttocks, and it hurt to lay on it, sit on it, pretty much a pain in the butt. Anyhow all the LOL aside, it reminded me of the same kind of pimple I used to get in college when I started drinking beer, and someone told me it was because of the yeast in the beer. So later when Candida became known and started to be studied, it was easy to associate yeast overgrowth for me, when I got one of these pimples, as I started putting things together and came up with a yeast problem. I also had other symptoms of skin problems, drying, patchy redness marks, allergy looking sets of small little red pimples and brain fog, one of the worst symptoms.

    It wasn’t until 05 when I became a disciple of an advanced spiritual guide in India that I became vegan and a meditator, which was part of the discipline. Eating less and eating more sugar than I had done before, because treats were few and far between when not drinking or eating meat and a sugar treat sounded better than ever, since I had never ate, or at least felt I shouldn’t eat sugar most of my life due to my dad always preaching against it since I was young. Anyhow more sugar meant more skin dryness, red eyes and allergies more so than before the sugar, and I had a pretty good idea that yeast was starting to overgrow but had forgotten the real symptoms of Candida. When I became stressed out for a number of reasons, these vegan oatmeal raisin cinnamon cookies I found at my organic store was just too hard to resist. I convinced myself that because organic sugar, or molassas dehydrated into crystals couldn’t be that bad for you as sugar feeding the yeast. It was all I had between me and stress. For 6 months about every other day I had at least 3 cookies, and they started tasting better and better. When they quit making them one day I got mad at the deli girls for stopping the cookies so they brought them back as I had been a long time customer.

    So then came this Pilonidal Cyst and I didn’t know what it was, so I googled tailbone pimple and came up with the Cyst. When I read about it, all the sites said 40 to 50% of the population got it. I felt better cause I didn’t know at first what the heck this was. I instinctively knew that I shouldn’t be eating 4 of these cookies a day, but was finding myself down at this store and loving every little bite. Well the pimple or cyst got bigger and was itching and real sore and I found this site and when I started on the cleanse, well lets say the die-off was kind of rough and miserable for a week and I started thinking about this pimple starting to go down and couldn’t see it but it felt like a little head was on it and squeezed it and not puss but little white speckles in the watery fluid came out and after a few more squeezes blood came out and I knew it was over. No puss. I then re-read the article and all these people had no idea that there cyst was probably, in my opinion, yeast related, because some of them that had it lanced by the doctor, and complained the Dr. did a bad job because the cut on the cyst kept leaking for weeks. Well this told me that every time my cyst started going down after squeezing it, and then a week later I would get week and sneak in a few cookies and my cyst would start leaking again, leaving me with the only conclusion I could come up with was 50% of the population has Candida or yeast overgrowth, to a certain point and the body tries it’s hardest to get rid of the excess yeast, which in some people and in half of them are these cysts. If this is true, there are millions of people with some stage of yeast overgrowth as this cyst explains the leakage to be yeast, if they are lanced, otherwise it must be a bummer for them to go away by themselves. The body gets rid of yeast in other ways, being the liver detox and all the water pushing it out through the kidneys and stool. Mine came out in all the pimples on my back from a childhood of many antibiotic shoots for ear infections due to swimming everyday for hrs. in a chlorinated swimming pool.

    What does everyone think of this find. Could half the population, that at some times in there lives or more have this cyst and its just a way for the body to secrete excess sugar? For some it must be a lot worse where the body can’t find a way to get rid of the excess yeast and therefore the more serious symptoms. Just thought I’d share a potential find. Jeremiah

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    Hello, Jeremiah.

    Are you certain that you had a pilonidal cyst and not a furuncle, otherwise known as a boil? They have many similarities.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, the cause of a pilonidal cyst is predominately an autoimmune reaction to loose hairs which penetrate
    the surface of the skin and the rupture of hair follicles within the skin which causes a type of abscess.

    But look at the general cause of boils:

    Furuncles or boils are normally the result of broken hair follicles in the presence of certain bacteria or fungi.


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    No Able I’ve researched this quite a bit and know it’s a Pilonidal cyst.

    These cyst’s or just a big pimple, happens in the same place on the body every time, which is what gives it its name, Pilonidal. If it happened all over the body like pimples or boils do, they would be called pimples or boils.

    Boils usually are had by very toxic individuals that have more than Candida going on. Boils are from an accumulation of toxins trying to get out of the body. Vegans don’t get boils, sick people get boils, and thats not very many. Half the population gets these Pilonidal cysts if you read all the info on them, and because of their characteristics after getting lanced and oozing, it acts exactly like the body expelling some yeast, especially when the diet isn’t adhered to, and cheating on the diet with sugar causes the oozing. Toxins in the body cause body odor, except for Candida. Being vegan, I have to body odor, and to understand this, you have to have fasted, and detoxed to feel the difference between toxic and non-toxic. Vegans, after they leave the bathroom don’t need to light a match. I hope this isn’t sensitive to anyone but it’s the toxins in meat and the preservatives and fillers, and coloring and dyes in all the products in the grocery store that have the long labels on the side. The purer your diet the less toxins. Candida is just an imbalance of intestinal flora, the half consists of yeast, and it’s not a dead toxin, like chemicals are that boils come from.

    What is boils down to Able is these happen on a certain part of the body giving them a certain characteristic, and no one has pinned Candida to it yet because no one knows enough about Candida to be an expert. Yeast has different ways to come out of the body and this is one, why? Well because it’s just something that seems right. If you, like you explained in one of your posts really watch your body and listen to it, well then you know certain things to be true. This is one.


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    WOW, you hit the nail on the head with all of this info!!

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