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    Update: finished 20 days of Dyflucan and starting Nystatin today. Days have been really spotty, some are OK others very tired like yesterday lots of napping and bed early and today I’m still wiped out.

    Dr Oz has me worried, a couple episodes ago he did a show on intestinal parasites said 1 in 3 people have them. Lots of the symptoms mirror Candida so Im trying to eliminate all the variable I can. Does anyone know the best forms of testing to confirm or deny these? Im in the midwest and have realized recently the labs have huge fluctuations on price and quality around here.

    I guess if all else fails I could schedule an appt with my GP and hope for a good referral?



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    My naturopath recommends the spanish blood test developed by Dr. Prada Pascual in Spain. This test will examine whether you have parasites, viruses, microbes, yeast, etc. It costs like $500. I think its a good catch all type of test.

    The alternatives for this would likely include stool testing. I would check out metametrix and genova diagnostics.

    We all have parasites, we just have them at different levels. If you have candida overgrowth there is a very strong chance you have parasites.

    A problem with parasites is you can never completely remove them from the body, you can only reduce their numbers. They will simply hide or go deeper in the body. This applies to candida too, if you killed all of the candida in your body, you would die.



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    raster;52507 wrote: if you killed all of the candida in your body, you would die.


    I assume you mean we’d die if we killed it all at once, unleashing a huge flood of toxins into the body. I hope you’re not trying to say that Candida performs some necessary function for the human body, that we could not live without, because this is not the case.


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