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    i just have a question, i was in the supermarket the other day in the oil section and i found Oregano water? Can i use that? What about Apple Vinegar? is the same as Apple CIDER Vinegar?


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    I don’t think it’s as effective as the oil or the herb itself.


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    i want to know because i can’t find other oregano products or healthy antifungals. im trying to gather information online but it’s still not enough to be sure


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    Well, hope this will help…

    Re; OIL OF OREGANO: After about 12 days, I rotated this into my anti-fungal regiment in place of Grapefruit Seed & Caprylic Acid. If I had to do it over, I would have started with Oil of Oregano first, then switch over to the other. Evidentially, Candida Albicans will become tolerant to the anit-fungals as they mutate, which is why, rotating every 10 -12 days is helpful. However, due to the amazing properties of Coconut Oil, I will be maintaining 4000mg p/day & only rotating between: Grapefruit seed, Caprylic Acid, Pau d’arco & Oil of Oregano.

    From what I learned, Oil Of Oregano should be taken in its “oil” form in order to achieve optimum performance. However, I found a few references that stated, the capsule form was just as effective and would actually be a perfect alternative if you can’t stomach the oil. Based on studies and effectiveness, the Oregano oil should only be: WILD MEDITERRANEAN OIL OF OREGANO & only made with EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. It can be administered by taking drops under the tongue or mixed with water… it’s actually not that bad, just a little rough in the morning… ugh!

    Just a little note; I am finding the oil to be extremely fragrant and its either due to a hypersensitivity to smells or it actually is pretty strong stuff! I keep it in a sealed baggie and in my experience, I found the odor from the oil to linger in the glasses I used… so, in addition to hot water dishwashing soap, I had to use a splash of regular cider vinegar in order to get the residual odor & oil out.

    They have Oil of Oregano at Mothers Market which has a huge selection of products that is used throughout this treatment and the prices are not that bad (I am on a really strict budget due to job situation so prices are really important to me). Similarly, most of your local most health food / nutrition stores should carry our products as well, such as; “Whole Foods,” “GNC,” etc. However, although “Trader Joe’s” has amazing food / dairy alternatives for this diet at amazing prices, they didn’t have the herbal products available. “Sprouts” also has an excellent meat, produce & dairy selection however, I am not sure how extensive their vitamin & herb section is?? Lastly, I found several options on-line which can easily be delivered but, be sure you read the ingredients and not get scammed.

    RE; APPLE CIDER: while regular cider might be ok to clean a glass with, if we use or ingest ANY kind of vinegar, it should only be UN-FILTERED. One of the most trusted, popular brands is by: BRAGG’s and can also be found at your local health foods store at a reasonable price. I actually used a little bit with lemon, extra virgin olive oil and allowed seasonings to make salad dressing & was yummy!!!!

    Being that this process is quite overwhelming, I might try to put together some information regarding some tips and recommendations on how the average person can shop smart. It’s not only good for the budget but, we need to make sure we are not only using the appropriate rotation of products but, they need to include “significant key ingredients” that pertain to target use, such as; enzymes, probiotic strains, cleansing detox supplements, etc. After all, each one has a particular job to do and in order to be effective, they need to be taken appropriately. For example: there are hundreds of DIGESTIVE ENZYMES but, not all will kill or degrade the Candida Albicans.

    Believe me, I am not an expert by any means or Physician. However, I hope to share some of the information and help provide some insight to make this process easier… perhaps it will help & yet, maybe not?? This is by far, is an individual journey to wellness.

    Wishing you a good day!

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