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    On paper, eating a diet full of vegetables, lean meat, fish, eggs, low carb fruit may sound like you stand the best chance to fight candida.
    You are getting all your vitamins, you’re avoiding GMO, cutting out sugar etc.
    But the most important consideration of all is to tune into your body and try to figure out what it needs instead of following a one-fits-all diet that will not work.

    Do you have any food allergies?
    -Do an elimination diet, cut out the usual suspects: eggs, milk, nuts etc
    -Try a low fodmap diet. High fodmap foods (google this) have sugars which your body struggle to digest.

    I believe green veggies can actually be bad for candida (my opinion), as they have sugars which are hard to digest and cause gas in the intestines.
    It doesn’t matter how things look on paper. On paper, spinach and broccoli may be good for you, but if you feel worse after eating them, it’s not die off, your body may actually struggle to digest it.

    Probiotics may be an issue too. On paper, you may be getting 100 billion healthy bacteria, but in reality, does adding extra bacteria to a digestive system that already has an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi really help? In my experience, all foods with bacteria should be cut out. That includes apple cider vinegar, olives (olive oil is good), yoghurt etc.

    And finally, I have cut out garlic from my antifungal diet. I do believe it may have powerful antifungal effects, but in my opinion, the negatives outweigh the positives. It is a difficult to digest food, it causes gas and may feed the negative bacteria in your intestines.


    Topics: 4
    Replies: 21

    I’m no expert, I’m just trying to get you to think outside the box.

    Here’s a list of popular high fodmap foods:

    -dairy (cheese, milk, yoghurt, ice cream, custard)
    -soybeans/kidney beans/black beans
    -fruits such as dates, plums, prunes, watermelon, peaches etc.

    There is a much bigger list if you google it, but I recommend trying a diet which eliminates foods which cause gas, including onions and garlic.

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