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    Can taken nystatin speed up recovery from a candida overgrowth if diet and everthing else is in place ?


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    Some people take it because, like any anti-fungal (of sorts), it speeds up mechanical killing. It’s very strong, however, and many will prefer natural anti-fungals, which don’t cause quite so prolific die-off.



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    Hell JMB,

    Plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get over candida overgrowth. The more antifungals you take doesn’t pan out to a faster recovery for most people. The single most important thing you need to get better is probiotics, not antifungals.



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    I got nowhere with antifungals. Plus the side effects are horrible. My advise and what has made more progress in a short amount of time is better pro-biotics. The ones that have enzymes. Also flaxseed oil 3X daily. Vitamin C like it’s candy but not at the same time as probiotics. I will put my whole program on here soon. I’m not there yet but I am about 1/3rd way to recovery.

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