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    I noticed that candida AND the die offs from killing it covers a wide range of symptoms. I just want to remind folks that those flue like symptoms you get from die offs might just very well be the flue and those stomach issues may be something else perhaps even more serious.

    Doctors today generally do not have Good advice and or solutions to Candida. Most were not trained in this sickness. Some just want to be a pill factory dispenser. But all have had years of medical training and can identify more common ailments.

    So please, if you are new to Candida and are experiencing major changes in your body that you are not comfortable with, see a doctor. He may not help you with what you want in ridding candida but he may be able to eliminate other problems that in some cases can be serious.

    And remember that some folks here on the forums are experts at dealing with candida but they do not know your medical history like your family doctor does.



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    Relating to this, I feel that everyone has their own personal version of candida and how to heal you ailments, but following a good diet and plan can find you a cure. The die-off part is really a major struggle and its a tough period to tough out. It last for weeks, but you should generally notice an improvement week after week, day after day.

    I highly recommend visiting a naturopath to come up with a good plan similar to the protocol. For instance, I have light adrenal fatigue, parasites, slight thyroid problem, acidty, and a sleeping disorder that are my own problems. The protocol won’t heal all of these alone and I have my own plan on how to address these in time. Healing my gut is a big part of this because I can’t eat this diet forever without getting bored.

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