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    Thank you for reading.
    I have read about symptoms of candida on many different sites. I have never suffered from any symptoms myself. My doctor sent a stool analysis because of high thyroid antibody levels. The test showed that I have mild/moderate candida, everything else was normal. She said I needed to do the diet and take natural antifungals. I have been taking the antifungals for 6 weeks and I have been on the diet strictly now for 1 week. The past 4 years I have been eating very healthy. went from 145lb to 125 in 1 yr and have been able to keep it off for 3 years. Now since starting the candida diet I am 115lb. I am 25yrs old now. I am scared I will keep loosing weight and because I didnt have ANY symptoms before an wondering if this is worth it. I am all for eating even healthier and taking daily probiotics from now on. Is the candida diet for so many weeks doing too much? Thank you! All and any response/insight is greatly appreciated!


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    If you have no symptoms, then I don’t think you need to restrict your diet to the point where you’re losing too much weight. Maybe cut out some added sugars and increase your intake of probiotic foods. I’m confused why your doctor would recommend a strict diet if you have no symptoms?

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