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    I was recently diagnosed with candida by my naturopath doctor. I believe this was what was lowering my immune system and causing my frequent colds and flus. I started taking probiotic supplements and things improved but feel the diet is the only way to kill it for good.
    So now I’ve been on an anti-candida diet for 2 months now, taking supplements and probiotics as recommended by my naturopath. The thing is that’s concerning me is, I have not had any die off symptoms. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, I don’t know.
    Has anyone else successfully treated candida without experiencing die-off??


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    From what I read, it’s not something that you necessarily experience. But after two months on the diet, if you did it correctly, your yeast overgrowth should be neutralized. Can you do another blood test or saliva test? It will tell you.

    I just started the diet two days ago, and I feel a little bit nauseous.
    I wonder if it’s a die-off symptom or just my body adjusting to a different diet.

    I read things about this diet and liver toxicity but I’m not sure I understood. Does anyone know more about this?


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    The liver toxicity is to do with the natural antifungal things you can take.
    The list includes aloe vera, garlic, black walnut, grapefruit seed extract, plus good few others.

    It lists the possible side effects from prolonged use of each one and it’s very interesting to read. Natural options are better than the chemist type ones but you still have to be careful and not overdose!

    Every person is different though. But for in my case I have avoided all the ones that say “over prolonged use can possibly cause liver damage, heart issues etc”.

    Grapefruit seed extract has no none side effects, apart from it tastes a bit odd ha
    Plus Bentonite Clay has no none side effects as it stands currently.

    Some of these antifungals may not have any effect on you. I’m going to try a course of each kind(the ones with no side effects) and see how it goes. Alongside my diet of course.

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