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    I am new to the forum and have been reading alot of the posts. Getting ready to start the diet with the detox first. I have many of the symptoms described, but one i never thought was associated with candida is back pain. Does anyone know why back pain is caused by canadida? I also have ringing in the ears…for as long as I can remember…didn’t know this was a symptom either. The ringing is always there….the back pain comes and goes. Will this clear up?



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    Tinnitus (ringing in ears), back pain as well as neck pain can symptoms of Candida. This has to do with Candida being capable of spreading all over the body at a certain point. Do you know about how long you’ve had Candida?

    As far as whether or not he treatment will clear these up is concerned, of course, if you cure the Candida the symptoms will disappear as long as they’re being caused by the Candida and nothing else.



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    I don’t know how long I have had candida, but have had the ringing in my ears for many years. When I start with the cleanse can I use organic store bought broth instead of making my own? Also should it be done for 5 or 7 days?

    Thank you


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    Hello Joy,

    I used to have the ear ringing problem daily…very common. Now that I’ve more or less completed the detox diet, the ear ringing problem has gone away! It’ll take maybe a month before it disappears completely.

    As far as back pain, I doubt mine is related to candida but from getting ran over by a mini-van in college. I have a feeling everyone’s back pain is caused by different things. Having almost completed the diet, it really hasn’t changed too much.

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