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    Hey everyone! I now know that I have been battling candida(the devil) for around 13 years. (I will write a more detailed story in the journey section) I did want to list my symptoms here though to maybe help others identify whether or not they may be suffering from candida overgrowth. I have so many that I am sure I will forget some. Keep in mind some of these I have not seen on any other list but I met a local sufferer who has the same symptoms as me to a t. Ok here we go:

    Extreme brain fog (swelling)
    Debilitating fatigue
    Weak stream
    Occasional burning during urination (when excess yeast was coming out through my urine)
    Vision disturbances
    Hearing disturbances
    Muscle pain
    Back pain
    Muscle weakness/fatigue
    Trouble focusing/concentrating
    Low sex drive
    Attention deficit
    Extreme irritability
    Itchy/burning eyes
    Seasonal allergies
    Extreme sensitivity to certain scents
    Irregular heart beat (pvc’s)(extra heart beats)
    Staff infections (developed lumps under my armpits and on my breasts)
    Mood swings
    Extremely poor memory
    Lack of emotion at times
    Feeling faint or severely sick
    Panic attacks
    Stiff and heavy legs
    Numbness and tingling
    Ringing in ears


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    crank_bait_jg;58375 wrote: for around 13 years

    Have you looked at the possible causes of your infection? Did you take any antibiotics during this period? If not, antibiotics are unlikely the only cause of your infection.


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    I think I share about 90% of your symptoms and have had them for just about as long. There’s a ton of useful info on the site and nice people that are willing to help. Hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

    Good luck.

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