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    I’ve been on the strict diet/cleanse for a week. I had only veggie juice for 3 days and switched to eggs and veggies the past 5 days. I’m an active person and have some swim races coming up, but obviously I can’t really compete with all this going on. But I’ve been able to do 1/2 hr of something most days up until today. After my swim this morning I really crashed. I know I need to get something else into my body but I’m not sure what. Buckwheat? Sardines? Both? More than 2 eggs a day give me headaches so I’m wondering if I shouldn’t stop the eggs as well.

    Also yesterday I picked up some BCAA hoping it would help. I used it yesterday and this morning. It gives me gas so I’m wondering if its feeding the candida. And I’m wondering if it’s part of why I feel this rotten. It seems different than the usual die-off rotten.

    Any suggestions???



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    The cleanse isn’t meant to be done long term; it won’t even come close to killing off all of the candida in the body. I would consider starting phase 1 of the diet when you are ready…

    I also would not do any kind of strenuous activity for a few months until you can get your “legs underneath you.” Fighting candida is very taxing to the immune system and the last thing you need is to suppress it even more by participating in strenuous activity. If you do “have to” do physical activity, I certainly would not do it while on the cleanse which is very taxing in itself.

    When you do start phase 1, I would look at trying out my teff bread recipe for some energy. Buckwheat and oat bran are other good sources of energy. I would also eat 2 salads or more a day if possible.


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