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    I have been following the candida diet for about a month now and am now in a regular rotation of anti fungals garlic (raw),oil of oregano, and a few TBSP of coconut oil (Daily). I am looking for a low strain, gentle, and effective combined probiotic to start out on. A but of need to know history.. I also suffer from leaky gut, and before I discovered the candida, leaky gut I took a doctors advice of starting out on a probiotic which was ultimate flora 10 strain..15 billion culture..It made me so sick..the worst stomach pain, nasuea..aches..and felt like a nuclear war being fought in my intestines! I now realize that this was not something I should have been taking..I am really nervous to jump back on any probiotic with fear that i will have the same experience that I had on ultimate flora. Need advise on what product/ strain count i should start out on to be easy on my system and when i should increase the strain count..I’m also looking on a good quality/ priced digestive enz. to buy..on a bit of a tight budget! Thanks!


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    I would check out HMF neuro which is the only probiotic that contains human micro flora and its a rather low count. You can even get the powdered stuff and customize your doseage.


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