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    I have had candidate issues for 25 years after a long course of antibiotics to treat a staph infection. I am now working with a functional medicine practitioner and have made LOTS of changes. I was treated for parasites, I had significant bacteria overgrowth. For 8 weeks I’ve been on a pretty strict anti-candida diet, meat, non-starchy vegetables, nuts and nut products, few beans as prescribed by my doctor. I am taking strong probiotics, G-Microb X, digestive enzymes, Vit D (all prescribed) as well as garlic, pau d’arco. I still drink a little black coffee. I went on an elimination diet before the candida diet so I am aware of my food sensitivities: grain, gluten, dairy, strawberries, wheat, quinoa.

    My issues are that I am still often constipated and that I am really frustrated with my food options. I should probably be drinking more water. I guess I don’t know if I am making progress. My rational self knows that I have to be patient, that this is a short time given the long duration of my illness: I just need an attitude adjustment, I guess — to hear from people who have worked on this alone and feel like they got somewhere.

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