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    Hello everyone, I’d love it if you would give me your input.

    I’ve been battling Candida probably my whole life, on the diet since last May. I’m making great strides in my treatment and feeling better everyday.

    I need to rule out that I have an immune response against Candida as well as heavy metal toxicity. I’ve been arguing (via email) with my doctor to try and get him to send me to an allergist for a Delayed Candida Sensitivity test. He doesn’t treat Candida and thinks I should go see a Naturopath. But a Naturopath can’t send me to an allergist. I have the option of changing doctors.

    Since I’m in a foreign country I’m also navigating my way through a foreign health care system which adds to the frustration. I’ve began asking questions at an expat online forum, to get me through the twists and turns of the Dutch healthcare system.

    Now, I have seen a TON of doctors in my life, every kind you can think of, this went on for 18 years until I finally diagnosed myself with Candida. I have always believed from what I’ve read on this forum and experience that there is no viable test for Candida. I recently got a comment from a stranger that I’d like you guys to review. I’m sure there’s no truth in what she says but she makes it sound so “matter of fact”.

    [h] I’ve been thinking, are you sure you need an allergologist?? Candida is related to the ph in your body and hormonal disballance. E.g. pregnant women get it, also people with diabetes (have you checked your sugar, your ph?). What I think you need is a referral to a specialist to check and take samples of your candida to see which particular type it is (e.g. Candida albicans, candida non-albicans) and to investigate why you get it and possibly refer you further. Just get to a proper huisarts and tell him you are fed-up with your condition, it has causing you stress and emotional discomfort, it is affecting your psychological health and having an impact on your family life, etc and I guarantee you will get a referral immediately. But do not push for an allergy test with your huisarts, just a referral to a specialist in a good research centre such as the VU MC for example! You need to be demanding with your huisarts though, I’ve found out that works here.[/h]

    What do you think? What has been your experience in diagnosing Candida? Are others trying to get heavy metal tests, and allergy tests?


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    I would go to an allergist directly if your doctor won’t refer you to one. You can do the heavy metal tests without going to a doctor as well.



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    Thanks Raster.
    I made an appointment to go and argue with my doctor to be sent to an allergist. I just hope I’m feeling good that day and can muster up some fight. If I’m not feeling well I won’t be able to plead my case.

    So, in regards to what it says above in yellow…It’s totally crazy to think that a specialist is going to find my Candida and test it to see what kind it is? right? No one else has experienced this in their treatment, right?

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