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    I’ve had trouble with a fungal infection on one foot for almost 3 1/2 years already, after going barefoot in Haiti. It turned into onychomycosis, but every so often it would erupt into an athlete’s foot-type rash etc. and was horrible to deal with. I came to the tropics during monsoon season and the rash erupted with walking through street water, and the humid weather. And then I developed it on my left hand (it almost never went anywhere but my right foot before, and didn’t spread to others even if they touched it). It was torture to have it on my hand! I was also having digestive problems, such as bloating, intestinal pain, constipation alternating with diarrhea that was acidic enough to cause a burning/itching anus, etc. My tongue is coated white most of the time even though I brush it 1-4 times a day. I finally took the test and found I had something like 21 symptoms of candida overgrowth. I had pneumonia and took antibiotics in May, which is when the acidic stool issue came up (aloe vera gel externally heals the raw area, but I want to get rid of the problem). I also had vaccinations end of 2011/beginning of 2012. I’ve had a hard time gaining weight most of my life and am underweight.

    When I came out here, not only did my skin get worse, but also I started having the most awful cravings for sugar, breads, etc. Finally I was so tired of the torturous hand infection, digestive problems, and cravings that I decided to try the candida diet. The first day I ate only vegetables, and the next day I was sick in bed. Which could have been due to other circumstances as many things had happened the first day of the diet to possibly contribute (bad water, dehydration somewhat, cooked parsley that was bitter enough to turn my stomach, etc.) – or it could have been the candida die-off appearing really fast. Because I need more strength over here than I do at home (walking up a steep hill many times a week, expending a lot of energy, more heat and sweat), and others were concerned, I decided I wouldn’t follow the cleanse exactly but would throw in a little brown rice or an egg every so often. Within a few days of the modified cleanse, the rashes were GONE! Even wearing powdered gloves for almost an hour in the heat and humidity didn’t bother my hand.

    I started into the strict diet by adding some meat, etc. I’m being as careful as I can in another country. Olive oil and coconut oil are the only ones I use, and NO sugar or fruit. Except, I did have some cooked plantain a couple of times, not thinking about it the first time and figuring it wouldn’t be as bad as a banana the second time. (I totally cut dairy, which I knew I was sensitive to but wasn’t being careful before.) Usually I have oat bran for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a meat/veggie/brown rice dish for supper. I’m trying to take a probiotic capsule every day, but they are expensive here so I hope to get some water kefir grains in a couple of weeks to get my probiotics that way.

    Well, the last few days, I’ve noticed my foot bothering me again. 🙁 What is wrong? How long will it take to clear up completely? I’ve also had a bit of abdominal/intestinal bloating, but I contribute that to having eaten more than usual. After those days of mostly vegetables, I’ve eaten til I was full with the added brown rice, meat, etc. It’s also possible it could be the eggs, but eggs are just so much cheaper than meat and really improve a salad when there are no good, ripe avocadoes available, or make a good omelette once in a while. I’ve noticed hardboiled eggs seem to bother me some; the omelettes don’t really seem to.

    At any rate, it’s my foot I’m really wondering about. I put coconut oil on for relief and healing, but I want it to clear up from the inside out. I know I had a bad case of candidiasis and can’t expect it to clear overnight, but it was discouraging to have it start to disappear and now bother me again. 🙁

    Any advice?

    I’m glad for how helpful this site is, I must say! 🙂 I believe God led me here when I was so miserable with my problems, and has already been healing me in these initial steps of the journey of a diet change.


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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    I’ve eaten til I was full with the added brown rice, meat

    Candida albicans are extremely adaptive; yours appears to have adapted to an environment of “less of everything” as far as the foods that they live on, other than basically rice, which is going a long way in keeping the infestation thriving. Since you don’t have access to a proper probiotic or kefir at the moment, unfortunately, it’ll be necessary to avoid anything at all that will supply the Candida with a food supply; otherwise, they’ll do just what they seem to have done.

    The meat is also contributing to a beneficial environment with the production of ammonia when it is broken down in the body. Ammonia is needed by the Candida for existence, in fact, they’re capable of producing it themselves. Adding more than they normally exist on by eating meat products will only make it easier for their continued existence and virulence.



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    You need to have a more structured diet that has more veggies, less meat, and less rice. You also need to have some good probiotics, antifungals, and liver support supplements. You also potentially could have parasites which everyone has, but at different levels. In order to fight parasites you’ll need to be on the diet for a long time and use some specific antifungals.

    Probiotics are the single most important thing you need to recover and without them you won’t make much progress.

    It sounds like you experienced die-off but you just need to kill the candida further.

    Everyone who has skin problems likely isn’t producing enough HCL (hydrochloric acid) per Dr. Mcoombs. Supplementing your diet with this will likely cause an improvement. Vitamin C is also very essential for the health of the skin.


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