My story and 7 years of fight.

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    Thank you for viewing this thread. Here is my story.
    Actually since I was 15 or sth like that I remember that my tongue was looking similar to that one from below article:

    As you see it definitely looks much different than these from oral candidasis article:

    Anyway, 7 years ago I went to the doctor who diagnosed that I have candida overgrowth. I trusted her, as she claimed to had the same problem few months before. I have heard that is long process so I was prepared to fight hard. 

    I was always eating quite healthy, but since then I got rid off sugar from my diet completely, no sweets, no chocolates, no cakes, no sweet beverages, only water, tea without sugar and so forth. Generally I started living very healthy, absolutely no junk food etc. Just healthy meat, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk products except milk, sourdough bread. From time to time I took some anti fungal suplements like Candida Clear + probiotics + liver support. After 6 years without any results I decided to go another step forward and got rid of yellow cheese, and I got rid of fruits + I was also trying clean hydrogine peroxide 3% with probiotics and antifungals. Still no results. 
    Since 3 months I eat only foods from:
    + Candida Clear, probiotics, natural kefir, natural yogurt, only ginger tea, and virgin coconut oil swishing. Of course no bread, no potatoes. After that it became even worse. Before I had actually only 2-3 circles at the back of my tongue, but now it looks more like on the picture from article geographical tongue. Last week It seem to be going in the good direction, but suddenly it became again bad, the day before all I did different is I drunk mineral water, went swimming, and few days before I reduced sauerkraut from my diet.

    Afterall I am very, certainly above average healthy person, I am very fit and in a good shape, I love sports, since 7 years I had a flu one time, couple sorethroat and couple times quatar. Since 3 years it seem that I have problems with sinus from time to time (I use sinus rinse).I excercise like 3 times up to 5 times a week, that is swimming, gym, tennis or dance.

    Except strange looking tongue, I do not have, and I did not have any symptoms described here, I feel great, I have good taste, no bad smell from my mouth, no pain (it only tweaks if I drink something spicy like ginger or if I eat garlic), I never had a headache so literally no symptoms. Now I I wonder do I really have candidasis.

    I would be grateful for any opinions what do you think about my situation and what should I do.

    Thank you!Mike

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