My story.

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    Hi all.
    Let me introduce myself.

    I’m male. I’m sick since October 2008. In the summer of 2008, I was doing the nightshift in a factory. Working long shifts, even 12-hour shifts in the weekend to earn as much money as fast as possible so I could start my own business. Unfortunately, I got ill because of stress and lack of sleep.
    I got shingles ( I had to stop working and take antibiotics and other medicine.
    The rash went away and all seemed fine.

    I never went back to my old job and was in the final fase of starting my own business. I was really excited!! I did had trouble with some fatigue but I thought it was because my body was still adjusting to a normal daytime schedule after months of working at night, It would get better after some time was my thinking.
    But it didn’t got better. Slowly but surely I was starting to lose my cognitive abilities. Starting to forget simple things, conversations, having trouble concentrating, at the same time I started to get daily diarrhea. Things got progressively worse in 2009. My business, iOS programming failed because I couldn’t program anymore. Terrible brain fog == No programming.

    It seems I never fully recovered from shingles, although I only made the connection with my current condition years later. I also believe I’ve struck a case of candida. In 2010, I followed a similar diet as the candida diet. My symptoms improved and my stool was back to normal after 3 months. My brain fog was lifted enough for me to go back to school. I was very social, happy. Reaching out to other people. I thought I was healed..

    Student live =! healthy eating. I tried to eat healthy, yet my intake of fast food increased, I started eating bread again every day as it’s the easy option for eating a quick bite. Within one month I was back very sick, my diarrhea was back and I was becoming more shut-in every day, social anxiety increasing day by day. Yet I didn’t made the connection to my food.

    Anyway, now it’s 2013. School kicked me out because of my horrible grades (brain fog!!). I finally know I have candida. I also know I’m not depressed, I’m not imaging things and I wasted a whole year taking antidepressants and eating unhealthy.

    Emotional stuff
    I’m turning 25 this month. I HATE IT. My life has mostly been non-existant since I was 20 years old. What should have been the best years of my life are the worst. I’m a party person! I haven’t danced or been to a festival in years. 🙁 I’ve lost almost all my friends..
    I’m 25 and still living with my parents. Something I absolutely hate. I want to be able to take care of myself! While other people of my age are busy starting their lives, partying, being social, buying/renting a house, … I’m stuck. My world currently consist of my house and a couple of streets around it.
    I’m feeling trapped. 🙁

    I’m currently following a candida protocol/diet I got from my doctor. I’m going to switch to the forum protocol, it’s more strict and I believe this forum has more experience than my doctor dealing with this sdmkfjdskdsfdsf disease.
    In 2010, I went three months hardcore, I followed that diet to the tee. Now, it seems I lost my willpower. It’s 7 weeks since I’m following my new diet, yet there have been 2 incidents of binge eating and setting me back. 🙁 One of them today..
    So I’ve decided to try a new approach, trying to interact with my fellow candida sufferers. Maybe that will help me to stay on track.

    TL;DR My favorite food is french fries and I can’t eat them. Also, I love this:


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    Protocol I’m following now.

    It is essential that the use of classic antifungal and antibiotic treatments BE AVOIDED AS FAR AS POSSIBLE, as these have only a local and transitory action and merely create centres of chronic infestation.
    -The first 3 weeks: 2 x a day 7.5 ml ARGENTYN 23 and 7.5 ml ALOEPURE mixed in the jar attached to the bottle of Aloepure. Start with once a day for the first week. Move to twice a day (morning and evening from the second week. Still while fasting, obviously! Or, at least 20 minutes before food.
    The Aloepure will provide all the necessary enzymes and the reparatory and anti-inflammatory elements of the intestinal mucosa, in addition to its action of restabilising the intestines. Its polysaccharides will deliver pure particles of oligodynamic silver into the intestines. This aloe vera gel is unique as it does not contain aloin, a component of the external part of the leaf that possesses aggressive laxative effects. It simply contains the mucilage, the whitish internal jelly of the aloe vera.
    (Continue the Aloepure, at 20 ml a day for the remainder of the treatment and keep the bottle in the fridge.)
    Argentyn is a silver hydrosol with remarkable antifungal properties.
    “The silver colloid easily penetrates the cell walls of the yeast, thereby migrating through the cytoplasm of the yeast by attaching itself to the DNA and preventing the yeast from reproducing”. (Reference: )
    + BIOFLORACARE XL: Prebiotics (3 types) and Probiotics (7 strains).
    Take one capsule every evening BEFORE GOING TO BED, throughout the treatment, to obtain the beneficial bacteria for optimal intestinal flora. No bloated feeling, as with FOS (fructooligosaccharides). Remarkable intestinal painkilling and anti-spasmodic formula. Effective yet gentle regulatory action on intestinal transit. Selective endogenic production of bifidobacteria, specific to the flora of each individual.
    + DRAINAGE OF THE LIVER with RESIUM is highly recommended, to open the emunctories and avoid any side-effect of detoxification associated with argentyn-based treatments.
    -The following 3 weeks: ADP, “Anti-dysbiosis product” (common oregano from Turkey, standardised extract at 70% carvacrol, in the form of a delayed-release micro-emulsion), one tablet 3 times a day with food. In this form, oregano easily penetrates the mucosa of the small intestine, without attacking the digestive mucosa. 21-day course, as with any treatment based on essential oils. Antifungal and genuine remedy for candida. Eliminates the toxic bacteria that can prevent the intestines from functioning properly. Prevents problems of fermentation and unpleasant reflux. Vital step in solving problems of flatulence, wind and abdominal cramps.
    -The last 3 weeks: CAPRICIN, delayed-release caprylic acid in the intestinal tract. Antifungal.
    2 capsules twice a day, just before food
    Treatment can be finalised with GARLIC plus, garlic tablets with remarkable antifungal properties, in a concentrated formula.
    One month’s treatment, involving three tablets twice a day

    L-GLUTAMINE is recommended to reconstruct the intestinal mucosa and improve problems of food intolerance and immunity. Half a measure of powder in the morning or evening.
    Introduce glutamine once the bottle of Aloepure is finished!


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    Goodluck and keep us updated. I love to know what protocols others are trying and the outcomes!


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    Thank you. But I’m going to stick with the forum protocol from now on. Just posted it here for reference.
    The forum one seems to be better.


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    I can relate to your story A LOT. I did the anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, which did nothing for me but give me side effects. I then started gluten free for a couple years, but eventually, I started reacting to every food I tried to eat, save for eggs and small bits of rice and veggies. It was so awful; I was grumpy and moody all the time, always tired, couldn’t think at all. I haven’t been able to work full time for years and now I just work from home. I can’t imagine trying to hold a programming job doing this (I did used to work in IT about 10 years ago). I have lost a lot of friends and don’t get out much, but the good news is that I’ve been on this diet for 78 days and life is already starting to look up!

    I have good days and bad days, but there are good days now. Some of my symptoms are still kicking, but most of them are on the way out or essentially disappeared. I still have to watch my activity level; I can’t do a lot of high-energy things, but I just went on vacation for a week and did 2 days of Disneyland at my own pace and was fine! That couldn’t have happened six months ago.

    I also feel you on the french fries, man. I literally have a tattoo of a potato on my ankle. I used to plow through fries and chips like nobody’s business. Those are my worst “act-out food”. But, y’know, my health and livelihood are more important than some stupid potatoes, so I just remind myself of that. After a couple of weeks on the strict diet you will notice the cravings just about disappear.

    Good luck and welcome!


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    Welcome Vimy! I think that you will find the support of others on here that very helpful. There isn’t a single person on here who doesn’t understand what you are going through. I came on here because I have a lip rash that was persistent and painful for several months. I have been on this diet twice now, I believe the first time I did not give it enough time. However, I have only had the lip rash once in the last two months! Yay! I have come to the conclusion that I will have to change my diet long term. I think that is really what the whole problem is about. I think the western diet just contains too many carbs. I love carbs and they are very tasty, but alas, they are not very good for us. I think being able to post on here has helped me keep my will power. It has also helped me when I have failed. Good luck to you!

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