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    I am so happy to have found this site and to have realized that I am definitely not alone in this battle.

    Ten years ago, when I was pregnant with my oldest child, I began to develop tinea versicolor. At the time I was told it was probably something I had gotten from someone else. I was told I might have gotten it from trying on clothes that someone else had tried on with tinea versicolor, or used the same towel as someone with tinea versacolor. I was given some cream (can’t think of the name now) and I was told to use it if there was an outbreak. Well for 10 years I have had the same outbreak with no lapse. Sometimes it has covered me from neck to rear, front and back, and at other times it has only been under my breasts. Nevertheless, it has always been present for the last 10 years. When my middle child was diagnosed with autism I was introduced into the world of yeast infections and failed to realize that the tinea versicolor may be related to candida. When my oldest and then youngest children were also diagnosed with autism, I began to wonder if this tinea versicolor was a gigantic sign that I had somehow given a yeast issue to my own children. They all have yeast issues with varying symptoms… none of them have tinea versicolor. I am now at the point where I am beating my head against the wall. I feel I have taken the necessary steps to try and get rid of this stuff but nothing has worked. My entire family has a yeast issue it seems and I really don’t know what supplements or what avenue to take next. We are a holistic family (no medications) and only eat organic and grass-fed beef/chicken/pork. I went to and saw the package he was suggesting, but it is $1000 to treat my family. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this, or if there is another way. I realize that supplements are expensive and I may pay that either way by the end of this treatment, but I want to make sure I do EXACTLY the right thing this time. My son can’t focus in school and is severely constipated, my daughter’s autism characteristics have returned full force and she is severely constipated, my youngest son asks for nothing but cheese, pickles, ice cream, and cookies, (which he does not get except for the occasional cheese slice) and I am covered from head to toe in this wicked rash that itches like crazy and makes me look like I am dying! Not to mention the fact that I am crabby and tired all the time. I suppose I could search this website a little more thoroughly and get the answers to all my questions, but I just needed to vent. I feel like my life has been absorbed by candida. I’m surrounded by it!!! I just need a break from this. I cannot live like this for another 10 years and I would definitely appreciate all the help I can get from anyone who has suffered also! In the meantime, I’m going to do some more perusing of the site, and hopefully get a little more educated.

    Thank you in advance,


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    We have a pretty good plan put together if you want to check it out:

    the protocol:

    allowed foods list:

    index of posts:

    You might also want to check out Dr. Mcoombs, he has healed people with autism through his diet and noticed great success. He explained that autism is linked to the gut and so you will need to heal the gut with probiotics. His plan is different than the forum’s plan, but similar. He promotes his own products and fruit (sugar) as a way to get healthier, and those are the main differences.



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    Hi Michele!!
    Have you thought of doing probiotics for your children? From what I hear they seem to help a lot. I just read a section in The Road to Perfect Health by Brenda Watson about Autism. She suggest at least a 50 billion count of probotics, but also to find a doctor to monitor improvements. Many people on Brenda website have said how much their children with autism have approved on probiotics. Omega and vitamin D3 might also be helpful for the brain and leaky gut.
    How about fiber for your children to help with constipation? Also aloe vera juice is a very easy supplement that helps with making bowel movement regular and helps with constipation. I am not sure if aloe vera juice is safe for children though. This is just some information that I got from Brenda’s book or my own life, obviously a doctor would be best to consult on any of these suggestions. Great job with keeping your children on a diet. It hard because they crave the sweets but it is best for them. When I was working with autistic children I could see a big difference when they were on a diet. You are in my thoughts!!! 😀
    Hope this helps


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    Mercury Toxicity!!!! This is a huge culprit for candida and many other symptoms. I have read on here that one should wait to have fillings removed until they expire so insurance will pay. My dentist told me yesterday that insurance regularly pays for filling replacement without question; and even if they don’t, this could be the 1st relief the body has in trying to detox and balance itself. Very hard to accomplish detox and healing with a continuous vapor release from amalgam fillings.
    I am surprised this site doesn’t have more about this, it is mentioned here and there but not as a first line of defense. Fillings must come out, and safely. There is much info for safe removal available on line.
    I registered here to read about Tinea Versicolor, and came to realize that so many people are struggling with horrible symptoms of candida without understanding A MAIN ROOT CAUSE = Mercury Toxicity!!!! Controlling diet may help symptoms and eventually heal the digestion


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    Greetings, and welcome to the forum.

    It would help us to help you if you will give us the diet that your family eats during a normal week, this of course would include snacks and liquids. Meanwhile, you may wish to read the testimonies of people who have followed the forum’s diet and protocol.


    And for your son, the following post may be of help.
    Constipation Remedies


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