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    My journey with Candida started a little over 3 years ago and my first noticeable signs were psoriasis. This persisted another year with no idea what it was while I got worse to the point I got pneumonia, psoriasis, a broken rib from mal-nutrition, fibromyalgia and the list goes one. After I had enough tests and doctors shrugging their shoulders; I started searching in earnest on the net and found information on Candida and the foods to avoid. But a lot of information back then seemed very contradictory so I struggled for some time. So after a lot of self experimentation I eventually found a diet and life style that has been working really well for me over the last year or more. And felt I should share in the hopes it may help someone else avoid some of the mistakes I made.

    After three years or more I’ve grown tired of cooking, which is why most of my main meals tend to be freezer friendly and made in large batches. Sadly not everything freezes to well but roasts and soup are easy to bang out a months worth in a day or two and always seem to taste good.

    • Breakfast; mostly eggs with salsa “special treat; chirizo or sausage with no sugars”, occasionally oatbran or coconut/almond flour cookies because pancakes take to long “I’ve been known to pour it into pancake shapes then place the backing sheet in the oven” and of course salads with meat and salsa are good for any meal. Eggs are kind of controversial but I’ve never had an issue with them in 3 years, I do get hormone free etc, but non organic because of money.
    • Lunch; chicken and vegetable soup “half the time with bone broth or lentils for extra protein” with the right spices it almost never tastes the same, but I do mix up the meats and vegi’s occasionally for health; for instance I add asparagus for problems urinating or beets for dark pee “liver” etc. I know lentils aren’t on the list but I personally don’t react to them like I do to beans, chicken isn’t organic but I get it from a local butcher shop.
    • Dinner; roasts with vegetables tossed in a dutch oven smothered in gravy to make it freezer friendly, stir-fries “no noodles”, lettuce wraps or chicken/taco salads, etc.
    • Snacks; sun flower seeds or salads twice a day with cilantro, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, chicken and salsa can be added if you need extra protein. Garlic is a great anti-fungal and cilantro helps the body get rid of heavy metals, which will help with bone broths, etc. Using yogurt or kefir milk you can make probiotic salad dressings, cream cheese “dips, cheese cake, etc”, sour cream or popsicles etc.
    • Treats; once every week or two and are almost always made from scratch to control the sugar content allowing me to binge with less side effects. Treats like homemade yogurt/kefir popsicles “sometimes sweetened with fruit or stevia”, homemade cheese cake, homemade chocolate mints “made mostly from coconut oil”, etc. Or my new favorite a lemon, banana cream pie with a chocolate/cinnamon coconut flour crust, using kefir grains to consume the sugar in the heavy cream and banana’s. And I personally try to time my high sugar days for when I’m active and I load up on homemade probiotics and occasional natural antifungals as well.
    • Probiotics; fermented vegetables, kefir water/milk and yogurt. yogurt and kefir I minimize to once/twice a week, but fermented vegetables I eat as much as I want. When fermenting vegetables it’s often napa cabbage with garlic, red pepper flakes and I tend to add a pinch of brown sugar with a few TSB of kefir water to introduce bacteria that processes/consume sugars as it helps speed up the fermenting process.
    • Anti-fungals used are garlic, coconut oil or ceylon cinnamon sticks which I eat as much as I want and try to sneak in most meals or treats. The others like cinnamon oil and oregano oil are newer to me, so I’m limiting my exposure.

    Beyond the diet I find it helps to keep active which is in part why I try to get 30 minutes of sunshine every 2-3 days and if I can’t; I use a 10k vitamin D supplement.

    Not everything on here will work for your diet, but it may give you some ideas to work with. One other thing I’ll add is it’s important to consume the proper amount of salt as it aids in digestion and of course stay well hydrated, as I noticed it is extremely easy to become dehydrated with the illness which causes a lot of problems. If you are drinking tap water you may want to mix it with distilled water and let it air for 8-12 hours to cut down on the chlorine and other chemicals in the water and if you have hard water it will improve the taste greatly and cheaply, I pay a little over $2 a month.

    And the last little bit of information I have is if you are really bad off like I was, cannabis may help, at the very least it should help you sleep which is essential for proper healing. But if you do partake; use a water pipe to filter the smoke or use tinctures etc.

    That’s about all I have at the moment, if you have question or something to add feel free.


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    So it’s been a while now and I figured I would do a progress update. My diet is mostly the same however, I’ve added in a lot of normal foods again. And well lets just say I’m getting fat again with all the donuts, pizza and other junk I’ve been eating. There were a couple set backs and I resorted to some oregano and cinnamon oil to knock down the fungal infection that resulted in my fingernails. But overall I have more energy and feel good again.

    What has changed;

    My vegetable ferment has expanded and I now add sweet potatoes, broccoli and a few other vegetables. I wanted the potatoes for the bacteria that handles those types of starches so I could eat these foods with less issues and get the little extra energy, an added bonus is uncooked potatoes are high in resistant starches which feed good bacteria. Another prebiotic I’ve added in soaked uncooked oatmeal, soaked in water or milk for 8-12 hours in fridge. And finally I made a sourdough starter to make normal bread, donuts, pancakes etc. As the fermented breads breakdown the grains making them easier to digest and causing a lot less issues then normal breads or grains. Mostly I try to stick with the main diet then add in these less friendly foods in as extra calories when being active, but I do sometimes sub out a meal and it’s normally my soup as it has the most carbs of my traditional candida meals.

    I also went on terbinafine (lamisil) about 7-8 months back and it helped clear up some of nail fungal issues but didn’t help much with the candida symptoms. The script wasn’t enough to completely kill the fungal infection so I’ve been using herbs like oregano and cinnamon oil with good success to finish the job. A few other herbal concentrates I’ve been trying are basil and a few citrus. I also recently tried a parasite herbal cleanse “wormwood, walnut, clove” which seemed to help clear up a lot of my brain fog issues.

    So really not much has changed, I still have symptoms, but I’m eating normal foods again a few times a week and still improving and feeling a lot better if not fatter about it all. So my next goal is to add in a few more foods like cooked potatoes, rice and well lots and lots of exercise now that I can eat enough to work out properly.

    Tip; if you do go back to normal foods, give yourself a few days to digest grains/potatoes before stuffing your face with more. As a lot of issues seem to revolve around poor digestion of grains and starches which feed things like candida if left in the gut, so it’s good to stimulate digestion by increasing salt or other enzymes that aid in digestion, fermented vegetables seem to help eaten right before or after a big meal.


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    Well this may be my final entry as my candida symptoms are nearly gone. Granted I still have a fingernail fungal issue and psoriasis, but everything else is clearing up, even eating things I shouldn’t.

    A few final words of wisdom;

    Chew your food, it releases enzymes which help with digestion.

    Do not over eat, anything, even good things “like coconut oil” over eaten will cause digestion problems. But if you do over eat, load up on the fermented foods or probiotics as they will help with digestion and are more likely to make it to your gut with the diminished stomach acids.

    Stay active, for me surfing has had one of the greatest effects. Not sure if it’s the sunlight, exercise or fermented bacterial soup we call the ocean, but it helps tremendously.

    For oral thrush, baking soda is the bomb. I started brushing once a day for a week or two then went to twice a week and it was gone, after years of trying other things.

    “On the baking soda note, you can make a excellent electrolyte drink if you are sweating a lot on your workouts. With a small amount of molasses, vit C “lemon/orange, etc”, baking soda and cream of tartar for extra potassium and fizz.”

    And to sink it in, really chew anything that might give you issues like grains or other refined carbs. If you do eat refined carbs try to eat it earlier in the day so you can burn it off more easily. And you may want to cut back on your normal calorie count for the day to stimulate your gut to utilize as much as possible. As anything undigested just feeds things like candida.

    “On the note of refined carbs, potatoes or rice you can cut down on the starches by allowing them to cool after cooking, which will increase the amount of resistant starches which decreases the starchy/sugar content. But as with all things don’t over do it or it will make things worse as resistant starches help ferment other types of bacteria and yeast in the gut.”

    Also if you cook from scratch like most of us do, don’t forget the salt it also aids with digestion.

    Good luck to all and get well soon.


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    Thanks Sanshau. I really like your approach. Thanks for sharing your journey. I think it’s unique for all of us, and similar in so many ways. I will come back to your records later when I feel I can introduce foods. I like how you have used this thread as a journal…top idea!

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