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    My girlfriend wants to “fatten me up!” Instead of making me the buckwheat/coconut flour/teff flour bread like I wanted, she decided to make her own version of this bread. It included those three flours but with (bob’s red mill) RICE BRAN and ground FLAX SEED!

    She served me some bread and I ate some, and I was like “why does it taste so weird?”

    She was like “I want to fatten you up so I made your bread with rice bran and flax seed!” I was like OMG, you just didn’t do that!

    I complained about how crappy it tasted and how crunchy it was, but in the end it wasn’t awful tasting bread. Just not as good as the teff/buckwheat/coconut flour bread…

    Anyways, I eat one slice per day or so…3 days later, today I almost choked to death while eating it! It made me gag really bad. Not the flavor, but it was a reaction! I am thinking to myself, “come on, I have done the diet for 6 months and cannot handle flax seed or rice bran 3 days in a row!”

    Burning sensation, feeling of being really hot, mucus production, and thats it!

    SO my question is this: What should I do?

    1) Toss out the bread forever with abandon?
    2) Continue eating it until it runs out, tough out any reaction?
    3) Freeze it and eat like 1-2x per week?

    Second question: Is it the rice bran or ground flax seed causing the reaction?
    -No way of knowing because both added at same time.

    I just want to show people how easily it is for candida to adapt to almost anything. Symptom free every other day of the bread, but then wham…horrible reaction day #3. This can happen with almost anything you reintroduce to your diet be it fruit, alcohol, dairy, or flour ingredients, etc…

    P.S.- I usually make my own bread or we make it together, but she owed me after driving in the car 6 hours.


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    Hi Raster
    I’m new on this forum (as a member anyway), I posted in a separate topic.
    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I also reacted to rice bran. I made bread with it and flax (I take flax every day with no issue) and I had 2 slices of it. First of all it tasted sweet, so weird and not nice. But then about 5 minutes later I felt really dizzy and my stomach was just cramping up completely. Needless to say I threw the bread out and have no desire to try it again! I didn’t have the same problem with oat bran though which I tried on Friday very apprehensively!! It made the most delicious bread I’ve had!!
    Anyway, I would suggest taking a break and then when you’re feeling better take a little bit of flax with yogurt or something and see how you get on. I know I’m saying the opposite to Able but it’s only because I had the immediate reaction to the rice bran.


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    Trixie wrote: I know I’m saying the opposite to Able but it’s only because I had the immediate reaction to the rice bran.

    This shows that anyone can have a reaction to any food at any time during a Candida infestation, including when the infestation itself is basically healed. It takes a lot longer to heal leaky gut syndrome and even longer for any allergies caused by it to go away.

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