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    I’m thinking about my antifungals.

    Right now i am taking just 7 teaspoons of the coconut oil, if i take anything over 7 [and believe me i’ve tried] i am either getting extreme stomach pain akin to food poisoning and/or i’m dry retching violently in the bathroom.

    Obviously i want to move forward and i’m just wondering what to do. Is 7 teaspoons enough? Should i supplement with an additional anti-fungal?

    My problem is i have cfs and i’m getting pretty nasty die-off symptoms just as it is, so if i do add anything it would have to be gentle. Should i get nystatin?

    Should i just up my intake of food sources? I have sprouts and swede and i can up my intake of those.



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    I would consider trying out SF722 if/when it is available in the next month. If it is delayed from production even longer, I would get a different antifungal.

    Taking drops of a liquid antifungal might be more tolerable than taking spoonfuls of coconut oil.



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    Yeah, maybe you should try something else as well. There is a lot of fiber in coconut so it may be hard on your system. I do garlic pills as well.

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